Bacon Freak launches its new line of Bacon Jerky™!


Bacon Freak launches its new line of Bacon Jerky!

The first company that gave you Bacon Jerky™ recently launched its second line of Bacon Jerky™. Bacon Freak, the bacon geniuses who first brought the joy of bacon jerky™ to the masses, has announced a whole new line of Bacon Jerky™ products. A reflection of some serious bacon innovation, their new bacon jerky™ is available in six flavors: Garlic Pepper, Western, Red Chili Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, Sweet Pepper, and Habanero Heat.


Red Chili Pepper Bacon Jerky™

“We’ve listened to customer feedback and created a new bacon jerky™ that is different than our other bacon jerky. We purposely designed this product to have less fat and drier mouth feel than our other bacon jerky™,” said CEO “Boss Hog” Rocco Loosbrock. “We start with a leaner cut of bacon that wouldn’t be desirable cooked up in your frying pan, but that makes an ideal jerky. We cook it longer at a lower temperature and use rotating ovens to eliminate fat dripping onto the product as it dries. The result is a bacon jerky™ that strikes the ideal balance between lean and fat. Also, our innovative packaging process uses wax paper and decadent packs to absorb any extra fat. With just one bite, you’ll be in hog heaven!”

Bacon jerky™ makes it easy to eat bacon whenever, wherever you want to. Take it on hiking trips, camping trips, biking trips, and backpacking trips. Or keep some stashed at the office, in the car, or in a gym bag or diaper bag for whenever a bacon craving strikes you. Think of it as emergency bacon… The possible uses are endless when bacon jerky™ is involved!

Garlic Pepper Bacon Jerky™

Garlic Pepper Bacon Jerky

And if you don’t believe us when we say this bacon jerky™ tastes amazing, then read “Bacon Nation” author Marie Rama’s thoughts on the Sweet Pepper flavor. “I tasted complimentary notes of cinnamon, black pepper, soy sauce, sweetness of brown sugar and honey, and of course the satisfying meatiness of thin bacon strips… Their jerky is like potato chips; one bite and you can’t stop eating. Whoever made this bacon jerky worked really hard to get the flavors just right.”

Where will you take your bacon jerky™ this summer? Post a photo in the comments section!

where will you take your bacon jerky

Where will you take your jerky?

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Better with Bacon – Chicken Linguine with Peas, Parmesan and Bacon

YUMMMMMMMMMMMIE!  Yes, yummie with an “I-E” instead of the traditional “Y”.  Why? Because it’s extra special good ;-)

Just in time for dinner it’s yet another great bacon recipe that is simple and easy to make.  Also according to, it will serve 6-8 people for under $10.00.

It’s Chicken Linguine with Peas, Parmesn & Bacon!  Recipe after the jump…Chicken Linguine with Peas, Parmesan & Bacon


1 lb. box linguine (boils in 7-8 minutes) 1/4 lb. raw bacon, chopped 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast, cubed 16 oz. bag frozen petite peas 1/4 cup olive oil 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese Salt and pepper to taste


While the pasta is boiling, heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and brown the minced bacon. Remove the bacon and place on paper towels to drain. Season the chicken with black pepper and a small amount of salt. Cook in the hot bacon fat for a few minutes until done and set aside. In the last minute of the pasta boiling, add the bag of frozen peas and boil for a minute. Drain the pasta and pea mixture, add it back to the pot and top with the olive oil and chicken. Toss evenly with tongs. Serve topped with the Parmesan cheese and bacon crumbles. recipe via Susannah Locketti over at 

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Chicken Skin-Shio Koji Sausages

After the shio koji finished fermenting, I had a few ideas on how to use it. The initial idea was sausages. I was going around and around trying to find a way to make a sausage with enough simplicity to taste the shio koji which still being interesting enough to want to eat. After filtering through ideas, this sausage was based in the skewered chicken eaten while in Japan.

Yakitori is dead simple – charcoal, chicken parts and seasoning – and, when done well, is incredibly delicious. Of crave-able meats, it is hard to beat chicken and short of the best fried chicken, yakitori and its variety is right up there. Offal, dark meat and skin on sticks is a good recipe for simplicity. When I thought of it, the skin and dark meat served on sticks with giant glasses of beer was one of the most comfortable moments is vacation of boundary pushing experiences and meals.

The first issue I met was the chicken skin. I had no interest in using the uncooked skin in this sausage. Flaccid poultry skin had no roots in yakitori and I thought crumbling crispy roasted chicken skins would be an interesting addition. The next issue was in most chicken sausages, you fight dryness constantly. Chicken is lean and, in my opinion, depending on the grind might be too lean. Given how I planned to render the skins to crisp them, I needed to add fat. I added pork fat cured in shoyu to the grind. Cheating? Yes. Delicious. Yes.

The last challenge was determining how much shio koji to use. After all, this was a pretty unknown ingredient to me and is not exactly sitting in Grigson’s sausage books. I added a tablespoon. Cooked a little and tasted it. Added another teaspoon of shio koji and repeated the process. I was happy with two, so I finished binding the sausages and stuffed them into casings.

Instead of tying them into links, I opted to throw two skewers through the coil and grill it as it stood. This method not only gives more portion flexibility, I think it yields more even cooking results over a grill. The punch of roasted chicken skins combines with the shio koji in a very interesting way. These sausages have intense savory flavors, but there is a subtle sweetness which I picked up earlier in roasted cabbage which was flavored with shio koji. For sausage which is essentially 6 skin-on chicken thighs and a little pork, they do not skimp on flavor.

I wanted a minimalist sausage and based on ingredients, I passed the test. I also wanted to feature the shio koji and I think I should have done better here. The roasted chicken skin flavors were carried by the pork fat with assassin like precision. The shio koji played a smaller role, but still present and appreciated,

Chicken Skin – Shio koji Sausages

500 grams chicken thighs 150 grams cured pork fat 50 grams crisply roasted chicken skin 2 tablespoons shio koji

Note: If you do not have fatty cured pork/bacon to grind, back fat and another 1-2 tablespoons of shio koji will work well. Start with one. Taste and adjust.

Step one: Keepinig bowl extremely cold, grind the pork fat. Then crumble the chicken skin. Then grind the chicken thighs. Chill the ground meat and crumbled skin for a few hours and up to a day.

Step two: Add shio koji to ground meat/crumbled skin and mix the sausage forcemeat until it is bound. Grab a bit, heat it through and taste it. Adjust seasoning with shio koji.

Step three: Stuff into casings or form into patties.

Get a Whiff of BaconAir…

For those of you who have stuck around here for a while, you know of my love / not so much relationship with the folks at JD’s., makers of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, MMMvelopes, and most recently bacon cola with Jones.

One one hand, I truly appreciate their inventiveness.

On the other, none of their products include any bacon (at all) and all their stuff kinda taste like yuck.

Well, they are at it again.  This time with the creation of BaconAir

Their “creation” story is pretty good, here’s an excerpt:

Hungry for bacon but don’t want the calories? Try BaconAir! Competing in a sporting event or spelling bee? Try BaconAir! Vacuuming the house? Try BaconAir! Taking a test? Try BaconAir! Driving a race car or semi-truck? Try BaconAir. If you want to run faster, jump higher, look and feel more attractive or memorize long sequences of numbers – try BaconAir! 

Wanna see the rest? Pop over and read it.  While you are there, if you are so moved, you can get your name on the waiting list.  Retail is $8.99.

via Toronto Life and JD’s

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