Say Hello to Our Little Friend

Truffle_American0063_0054_Pair_pThere are 3 flavors that make up our culinary pyramid: Bacon, Sriracha and Truffles.

Truffles? No, not chocolate. The fungus. If you haven't had truffles before, trust us – they're unreal delicious. Much like bacon, they can be used on almost anything. Much unlike bacon, they are not made of pigs – but pigs often have a big role in finding them. They use their acute senses of smell to help truffle “hunters” dig them up from the roots of trees in certain regions in Italy, France and even the US with just the right soil conditions.

Our newest product – Black Truffle Crisps – may just be the best thing we've ever made. They're available in Western Canada Costcos for a limited time and at They're great with cheese, cured meats/salumi, as a gourmet snack, or as a side to your favorite soups and salads. Buon appetito! 

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Bacon Croutons and the Bacon American Space Administration

Today, we officially launched our newest innovation: Bacon Croutons. They're crispy. They're bacony. And they make a really great salad or tasty snack – among many other incredible uses

After marveling at our achievement, we thought "What other frontier could we possibly conquer?" The obvious answer was space. If our mission is to boldly take bacon where it's never been before, then we've got to get galactic. Which is why we're happy to announce the upcoming launch of our first spacecraft, Space Bacon 1, and the formation of our own space program: BASA (Bacon American Space Administration). 


Note that this immediately got the interest of NASA's Space Operations Outreach Program Manager – possibly for competitive reasons, or possibly because she wants to be the first to eat Space Bacon Croutons. Stay tuned!

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Happy April Fool’s – Bacon Coffins are STILL REAL

043For the last several years, we've played increasingly elaborate April Fool's jokes on select members of the media and the public at large. It started with baconlube (which became a real product), then BaconAir (bacon flavored oxygen inhalers – still not real) and BaconBaby baby formula (will never be real).

This year was no different, but we decided to play the joke a little differently than years past. Here's how it went down.

We started by announcing the launch of Bacon Coffins – for those that love bacon to death. In partnership with local TV station KIRO, we made a ridiculous video complete with a real Bacon Coffin and with Justin and Dave dressed in black suits and ties. 

We sent this video to thousands of members of the media with an over-the-top press release saying things like “Bacon Coffins are finished with a painted Bacon and Pork shading and accented with gold stationary handles. The interior has an adjustable bed and mattress, a bacon memorial tube and is completed in ivory crepe coffin linens.  Classy.  Bacon.  Coffin.”

Many in the media believed this to be an elaborate hoax – we're looking at you, Huffington Post – which in a way it was. We launched this right before April Fool's day, which made it only natural to wonder, “Are they serious?” We got lots of press coverage, including the front page of the Financial Times in 26 countries, BusinessWeek, Fox News, Time and Bloomberg. Most of them, unfazed by our previous jokes at the media's expense, thought we were completely serious. Some, including CNBC and Geekosystem, wondered if we were kidding. Some of the best headlines were:

Rest in Grease – Headline News
Bacon Coffin lets Bacon Lovers Die and Go to Heaven – KING 5
Rest in Pork – Spokane Spokesman-Review

But the real joke is… that Bacon Coffins are STILL REAL. We really are making and selling these – and that's our April Fool's joke, maybe the best April Fool's joke we've ever played.

Still don't believe us? Buy one for yourself at For the low, low price of $2,999.99, you can be buried forever in an eternal pork embrace.

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Recipe of the Month: Bacon Ranch Piggy Bites



These are cute, easy to make and fun to eat!


  • 1 (1 pound) loaf frozen bread dough, thawed
  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 1 cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 (.75 ounce) package J&D’s Bacon Ranch dressing & dip mix


  1. Roll bread dough into 1/2-inch-thick rectangle on lightly floured surface; brush with oil. Cut dough with sharp knife into 1×1-inch pieces.
  2. Toss bread dough pieces, cheese and J&D’s Bacon Ranch dressing mix in large bowl. Place on ungreased cookie sheet; flatten with a rolling pin. Let rise until double in size.
  3. Use a cookie cutter to make large circles (the pig's head), a smaller cookie cutter to make smaller circles (the snout), and a small triangle shaped cookie cutter to make the ears. Use peppercorns to make the eyes and rosemary to make the snouts. 
  4. Bake at 350 degrees F oven for 20 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.



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J&D’s Foods Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Here are holiday shipping deadlines for all of your bacon-flavored and -scented shopping needs:

If you live in the US and are using Priority Mail, please be sure to
place your orders by December 20th to ensure delivery by December 25th. If
you’re using Express Mail, you can order by December 21st at 3pm PST. If you're
using FedEx SmartPost, please place orders by December 12th. For international
and all other deadlines, please visit the US Postal Service shipping calendar

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Sriracha Lip Balm – New Product!


You may know that we've been boating in Sriracha flavored waters with the recent launch of Sriracha popcorn. 

This venture was so successful that today we launched Sriracha Lip Balm. It's the latest J&D's Foods product made with The Oatmeal and it's a strange combination of SPF 15 and making out with tasty napalm.  It's available for $3.99 with free shipping from J&D's at: 

Or from The Oatmeal website.

Sriracha Lip Balm makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone that loves the rooster! 

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