2013 Bacon Festivals

January 20-27 – Sacramento Bacon Fest

February 9 – Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival – Des Moines, IA
February 9 – LA Bacon Fest
February 23 – Bacon Fest Florida

March 1-3 – Bacon Palooza – New York, NY

April 20 – Bacon Fest Chicago

May 30-June 2 – Baconfest Michigan – Ann Arbor

June 1 – Zingerman’s Bacon Camp
June 16 – Big Bite Bacon Fest San Diego

August 24 – Kansas City BaconFest
August 31 – San Diego Bacon Fest
August 31 – Tri-Cities BaconFest – Bristol, TN

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Maialino Bacon

Beautiful hogs make beautiful bacon, and that statement couldn’t be more true when describing Maialino Bacon made by Oregon company, Tellurian. They source the meat for their bacon from heritage breed hogs raised by local farmers.

I had the pleasure of tasting two of their bacons recently – Red Wattle and Duroc.

The marbling on the Red Wattle bacon was incredible – thick and juicy, significantly more fat than lean, meant to be enjoyed on its own, best not over-cooked. The smoke really comes through on this bacon. This is the kind of bacon that I crave for breakfast.

For more balance between lean and fat, Duroc is the perfect bacon, particularly if you prefer your strips on the crispy side. This is also a great bacon for using in other combinations — it would make a particularly good BLT.

If you’re in the market for a good artisanal bacon to impress your family and friends, you can’t go wrong with Tellurian. Visit their website at www.tellurianepicurean.com.

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Where to eat (bacon) in Phoenix

I recently recorded an interview with the Mystery Meet Podcast hosted by Seth Resler to talk about the dining scene in Phoenix. In addition to talking about all the great new restaurants that have opened in Central Phoenix in the past several years, we also discussed the trend of chefs working more closely with local farmers and food producers to build and support our local food economy. Not surprisingly, bacon was also a consistent theme throughout the interview and one of many reasons why I recommend Beckett’s Table as a not-to-miss restaurant in Phoenix. Click here to listen!

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The Bacon Podcast

Today was a crazy day of catching up on work after the past few days of March Madness, but I was still able to carve out an hour to chat with the boys from The Bacon Podcast? – listen here.

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Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest Fashion

Will there be a red carpet (or better yet, a bacon carpet) at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival this weekend? If so, I’m ready to walk and rock it. Here’s a sneak peek of my custom-made dress for Saturday!

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