Conan O’Brien White Chocolate Statue with Bacon Hair

I think I just pooped out a robot. Someone actually made a sculpture of Conan O’Brien and gave him bacon hair !

All I can say is I am a tad jealous and I can only hope that someday this will happen to me, but full body and using my actual skeleton as the framework and MUCH more bacon.

So, this bust weighs about 200 pounds and was seen at the Minnesota State Fair.

Click here to watch the video of the showing on the Tonight Show.

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The TOTAL Bacon Burger

Well, looks like the most obvious burger to make has a recipe. Please, do yourself a favor and go here…

You will learn how to grind bacon into a patty, fry it up and eat it like a champeen!

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Bacon Scented Candles

Ohh how I love the smell of flesh in the morning. Well, now you can smell crispy bacon bits all day long!

For a measly $11 you can fill your home with yummy(bad ass) bacon smells. Go here to take a peek and then BUY that sucker.

Oh and btw… these beauties are triple-scented. Cause single or double is just freakin’ lame.

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Baconcado – Love child of bacon and avocado

Avocados are one of my favorite things to eat that are actually good for you. The baconcado – half avocado half bacon – is the product of a torrid romance not seen since the advent of the milky way galaxy.

“Part Bacon, Part Goat Cheese, Part Avacado and 100% awesomeness.”

They have all the details on how to make this over at baconjew.

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Bacon Baskets with Eggs plopped in them

As? you may have noticed, bacon can be made into anything. So the culinary geniuses over at Stacey Snacks decided to take bacon, combine it with a cupcake tin, plop an egg right smack in the center and bake away (of course instructions are better when you read the site).
I bet I can eat like 10.3 of these, operate heavy machinery then pop and lock to the sounds of an alien laser battle under Earth’s oceans while juggling flaming chainsaws… Yes, these are that bad assed.

Btw… sorry for the lack of posts! and thanks geeknik for the heads up on this. 🙂

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