Bacon and Vegetables

In many ways, bacon is generally considered to be the exact opposite of a vegetable. Not only is bacon a type of meat, but it is a particularly salty, fatty and delicious cut of meat. It is also a cured meat, which adds to both the flavour and texture of bacon. It’s not just it’s […]

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Summer, Potato Salad, and Bacon

If you’re anything like me, the moment the weather even hints at spring, when it’s raining three-quarters of the time and only the bravest and most stalwart crocuses dare show their faces, I’ve already fired up the barbecue. While I love to bake (bacon cupcakes, of course), and there is much to be said for […]

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The Better Bacon Book: Tech and E-Publishing

When you think about bacon, I am pretty sure that “high-tech” is not what immediately leaps to mind. While bacon has certainly become more of a pop-culture phenomenon before, gaining more fame and loyal fans than ever before thanks to the power of the internet, bacon itself still comes from very humble origins. People have […]

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon on the Grill

Spring has come very early to a lot of North America, and if you are anything like me you are absolutely loving it. If global warming means that I get to relax on a patio with a beer in March, then I am hard pressed to complain. The unseasonable warmth has gotten a lot of […]

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Bacon and Cola Who Knew You Could Cook With Pop

I’ve been a part of the Republic of Bacon family long enough now that I am finally starting to consider myself a bacon expert. I feel comfortably asserting my bacon knowledge in most conversations, and and consider myself very well informed when it comes to cutting-edge bacon news. My bacon cooking skills have improved mightily, […]

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International Bacon Day

And how did you celebrate this past long-weekend, bacon lovers? Did you spend some time at the cottage, swimming in the lake or sunbathing with family and friends? Did you go camping or hiking? Or perhaps did you stay home, reading peacefully on the front porch in the morning and barbecuing in the back yard […]

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Flavour Pair: Bacon and Caramelized Onions

Every once in a while I become obsessed with a particular combination of flavours. There was a whole week last year where almost everything I ate contained some combination of peanut butter and banana. More recently, I went on a roasted red pepper and goat cheese kick, finding every possible way to combine these flavours, […]

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