Deboned Turbaconducken

deboned-turbaconducken Bacon Today fan Scott Mason from Krave Colorado Catering submitted this recipe to us. It’s a deboned Turbaconducken and it looks mighty, mighty good. Make this beast for Thanksgiving or Christmas!



1 Medium Turkey
1 Duck
1 Chicken
2 lbs. Bacon
Stuffing recipe of your choice. – Really good Turduckens use 3 kinds of stuffing, for each layer.
1 long Bamboo Skewer or a few small ones.
Seasoning of your choice (like Rosemary, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder)

First, open and rinse all the birds. You then have to de-bone them all, leaving the bones in the wings and legs of the Turkey. This is where all the work is. It’s easiest to start at the spine, using meat scissors to cut down both sides and open up the birds. Then using a pairing knife carefully cut the thighs and breast away from the middle. For the legs, it’s easiest to cut around the ends, then slowly pull the meat off the bone and pull it through. You can even cut down the middle to make it easier. The wings are the hardest. Cut the tips off then just take it slow, cutting or pulling the bones out.

With the duck, poke holes throughout the skin. You can trim some of the extra skin off but not to much. The extra fat in the ducks skin will melt in the middle and keep the whole bird extra moist.

Once all the birds are de-boned you can start layering. Put a handful of stuffing in the chicken, fold it back up. Then spread some stuffing in the duck, put the chicken in the middle and wrap the duck around. Lastly, add a layer of stuff in the turkey, duck in the middle, and wrap it around. Pull the skin from the turkey, get the two ends together and use a skewer to hold it closed.

Place the Turbaconducken into a large baking pan, make sure there’s plenty of room for the liquid and grease that will melt out, it’ll be a lot.

Now create the bacon weave with most of the bacon. Leave a few pieces out so you can wrap the wings and legs as well.

Baking will take a long time. I always make the bird the night before then cook it the next day. You’ll bake the turbaconducken at 300º F for at least 4 hours, basting every hour. Using a long meat thermometer, try to check the chicken in the middle. When it’s at at least 165º F, it’s finished. Remove and let stand for 20-30 minutes before cutting. It’s easy to simply slice down the middle and cut slices to serve.

Be sure to take all the juice and make gravy with it. The juices and pan dripping will make an incredible gravy.

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