The Bacon Collection…

Archie McPhee has long been leading the charge in the development of bacon flavored products and now you can get just about all their wonders just with simple mouse click…

It’s the Bacon Collection featuring:

Bacon Floss
Mr. Bacon Air Freshner
Bacon Soap
Bacon Mints
Bacon Toothpaste
Bacon Drink Tabs
Bacon Lip Balm
Bacon Toothpicks
Bacon Gumballs
Bacon Band-aids
Bendy Mr. Bacon
and the BRAND NEW Bacon Lollipop

Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Get this, pick up some wrapping paper, and make that bacon fan in your life happy!!

via Archie McPhee

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Sunday Afternoon Video Funhouse – Baconzilla…

Just enjoy…

Click here to view the embedded video.

via Archie McPhee

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Suck On These…

Bacon candies!

What did you think I meant?  REALLY?!? That’s what you thought? Get your mind out of the gutter.

Anywho, the fine folks at Archie McPhee have done it again.  There is nothing they won’t make taste like bacon!

From their site:

These red and white striped hard candies look just like the ones that grandma used to put in her fancy candy dish for the holidays. But, my oh my, would grandma be in for a surprise if she popped one in her mouth!

Oh my indeed.

$5.95 for a tin with about 12 pieces of candy.

via Archie McPhee

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Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz…Some Bacon for your Water?

Over the last three weeks I have received an abundance of bacon related news.  Thank you to ALL of you for your submissions.

This week and next, I’m lookin’ to catch up by lettin’ the world (or in the case of this blog – my 10′s of readers) share in all this bacon glory fillin’ my mailbox.

First – from our friends at Archie McPhee

Why not pork up your water with these effervescent bacon drink tabs?
When I first saw this a few weeks ago I knew it would be going on the holiday list for Santa but…after my experience with the bacon soda I just don’t know if I can “swallow” this (literally and figuratively).  Novelty be damned.
If you are feelin’ the need, they’re only $3.50 over at While you are there, pick yourself up some giant underwear ;-)

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Effective Email – “Bacon is Love”

So after my horrendous day yesterday and physical inability to get out of bed, I had a lot of email to get through today.

An effective email should have a strong subject line, maybe something like this…

“Bacon is LOVE!”

That was the actual line in a message today from one of my favorite establishments, Archie McPhee.

I joined the cult of McPhee over a decade ago after I bought some giant light bulb lamps for a party I was hosting (also picked up a pair of giant underpants just for the heck of it). Over the year’s I’ve bought the occasional rubber chicken and bizarre action figure, but what I truly appreciate about McPhee’s is there great line of bacon themed products.

In today’s email the first product featured was …

Not only does the face of the watch have our own Mr. Bacon on it, but the watchband looks like a delicious piece of bacon. It will take all your willpower to keep from gnawing it off your arm. Perfect for the meat lover!

Bacon watch not your speed, well how about the bacon dental floss, a bacon wallet, bacon band aids or even bacon gunballs.

Oh Archie, you truly know the way to my heart!

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Dad’s Love Bacon!

At least I know I do…and I know there are a few others out there as well.  Why not consider Archie McPhee when deciding on that Father’s Day gift for your special Dad in your life…

While we’ve featured the Bacon Collection before, it just seems appropriate to share this again (considering I just got my Archie McPhee email today with the subject line “Father’s Day Bacon”).

Twelve different bacony items for under $40?  You can’t be serious?

They are serious, and don’t call them Shirley.

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Move Over Monopoly…

Surely you can’t be serious?



I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley!

From our good friends at Archie McPhee…

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure
This is by far the most mouth-watering meatcentric board game ever created! As you move your bacon character along the path through Meatland you’ll have to navigate your way through areas like the Mustard Marsh, the Wiener Wasteland and the Sausage Sea. The first one to make it to the frying pan at the end of the trail wins! Includes game board with spinner, four game pieces with plastic stands, twenty-four game cards and alternate rules that turn the game into a gluttonous meat feast!

For the low, low price of $19.95.

Admit it, there is part of you that WANTS to buy this…

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