Bacon Boutique – Dress You Up…

We’ve seen bacon neck wear in the past (here & here), but this particular one has that certain, I don’t know, je ne
sais quoi…

Blue suit, nice crisp white shirt, bacon tie.  That’s a man who means bizness.

via nerdalicious

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Bacon Boutique – Fou Lard…

What a great looking batch of bacon…

Wait a minute…that’s not delectable smoked pork belly!  That’s a tasty fashion statement…

Seriously, how great looking are these???  It’s digitally printed on 100% silk and we have a Swiss artist by the name of Natalie Luder to thank for it.

So looking for that ONE special bacon gift to get your lady this holiday season? Well here you go, $170 over on her site. Order early as it’s going to have to fly across a big pond…

Thanks to Better Half for sending me the link.

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These Shoes Were Made for Frying…

Oh Zazzle…is there nothing you won’t print?

This goes right to the “Why didn’t I…” pile.  Ladies, be the envy of all in these sensible yet stylish bacon shoes!


Not only are these shoes with bacon printed on them, but you can also customize the finish elements in a wide array of colors.

Sadly, these are only available in women’s sizes…what’s up Zazzle, no love for the dudes?

Via Zazzle and Geekologie

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Bacon Boutique – Elemental Bacon…

Along the same lines as this shirt comes this nice looking tee from the folks at Tanga

You better act quick, this could sell out at any time especially since it’s 1) cool and B) just $7.99 (not including S&H).  Want it?  CLICK HERE.

Thanks to FoTDB Seth (SHOUT OUT!) who bought this to my attention this morning and to his friend Amy (SHOUT OUT) for telling him to go and buy it!

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Bacon Boutique – Who Love’s Bacon?

I love bacon!

Look what Better Half found for me tonight at, at all places, Old Navy…clearance baby, just $3.95!

And check out this model…

That’s my girl! (still in baby witness protection)

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

Okay kids, as promised yesterday, here’s that spectacular WTF video for your weekend enjoyment:

I give you – “Enter the Bacon!” aka the “Salami Fighting Association”

Click here to view the embedded video.

from the site

The legend goes, that these 2 guys were on government assistance, and were tired of getting so much bacon and salami. This genius video was birthed out of their anger and idiocy.

Now, try to get this image out of your head and enjoy your weekend!

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As Promised – Something for the Ladies…

Courtesy of speciality underwear maker Ginch Gonch, I present their new “bacon” line of drawers…

They currently have three different designs – “Sizzle Stick” (shown above), “Crispy Critters” and “Stripperz”. 

So ladies, looking for something “tasty” for your man…then head on over and check them out.

Hey guys…they (and I) didn’t forget about you…


Thx to my sister in bacon over at Skulls and Bacon for the heads up.

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