It’s Bacon Grease Week!!

Yes, that’s right…I am declaring this week at TDB World Headquarters “Bacon Grease Week” as we explore just some of the great things those dripping from our favorite meat can be used for!

Like this “gem” from 1942…

Click here to view the embedded video.

So join us the week as we journey into bacon grease!

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Bacon Grease Week – Best Storage Option…?

If we’re going to talk bacon grease, the first thing we need to figure out is a way to store it!

During my “research” for this week, I stumbled upon this post from that shared photo submissions from readers showing off their preferred manner of storage.  (also, it looks like great minds think alike…she’s got the same Disney video in her post that I shared yesterday ;-) ) Here’s a few of my favorites:

They are all great, serviceable containers.  Likely they have some form of sentimental value…all good in the hood.  But for my money it’s the one I profiled in this here blog over three years ago (and what is sitting above my stove right now) that remains one of the favorite kitchen “gadgets” that I have ever purchased…the FilterChef!

There’s my baby.  Stylish in it’s stainless steel.  But the real beauty is on the inside…

It has a built in mesh strainer, so when you dump all that goodness from your baking sheet or frying pan, it pulls all those chunks out and what you are left with is pure gold!  Then, just twist the top back on and you are all set, no fuss, no muss. Intrigued? You can pick one up at their website.

Whatever you use, here are some good rules to live by:

Let that grease cool before pouring it off, especially if using a glass container.
Make sure you strain it!  Leftover meat particles will make the grease go rancid quickly.
Keep that grease covered!  You don’t want it picking up any foul odors.
Think about freezing!  Frozen bacon grease will last up to a year!  You can even cut them into pre-measured blocks for easy use.

More grease talk tomorrow ;-)

Thanks to for the first four pics!

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