The Bacon Collection…

Archie McPhee has long been leading the charge in the development of bacon flavored products and now you can get just about all their wonders just with simple mouse click…

It’s the Bacon Collection featuring:

Bacon Floss
Mr. Bacon Air Freshner
Bacon Soap
Bacon Mints
Bacon Toothpaste
Bacon Drink Tabs
Bacon Lip Balm
Bacon Toothpicks
Bacon Gumballs
Bacon Band-aids
Bendy Mr. Bacon
and the BRAND NEW Bacon Lollipop

Seriously, what are you waiting for?  Get this, pick up some wrapping paper, and make that bacon fan in your life happy!!

via Archie McPhee

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Dad’s Love Bacon!

At least I know I do…and I know there are a few others out there as well.  Why not consider Archie McPhee when deciding on that Father’s Day gift for your special Dad in your life…

While we’ve featured the Bacon Collection before, it just seems appropriate to share this again (considering I just got my Archie McPhee email today with the subject line “Father’s Day Bacon”).

Twelve different bacony items for under $40?  You can’t be serious?

They are serious, and don’t call them Shirley.

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REVIEW – Man Bait, Maple Bacon Lollipop

It’s funny how the interwebs work. I followed a trail last week that led me to Das Foods.  They are the makers of “Man Bait“, a maple bacon lollipop.


All of their lollipops (they have four unique flavors) are made with natural ingredients. The “Man Bait” pop’s ingredients include: sugar, rice syrup, bacon bits, salt, natural smoke flavor, natural bacon flavor and natural maple flavor.  That’s it!

Why wouldn’t I order one?  Heck, why wouldn’t I order 10?!  And that is just what I did.

My box arrived 2 days after ordering (nice turn around) and I could not wait to eat one…but I did…almost a whole week.  Why?  Because I wanted to share the experience with my 10′s of readers and I never had a camera with me when I wanted to eat one.  If I continue this blogging thing, then I have to invest in a phone that has a decent camera feature!

Anyhoo…last night was the night and after dinner, I had my dessert…So here we go:

Upon opening, I’m greeted with this…


A nice carmel color, much of what I expected it to look like, with tons of little flecks of bacon.

First lick to be honest was slightly off putting. It wasn’t bad, just odd, kinda of waxy for lack of a better term.  I didn’t get the maple or bacon.  So I popped the whole thing in my mouth…


After the lollipop started melting in my mouth a bit, the flavor started coming out!  It’s was a real nice maple taste.  Pretty clean.  The extra fun was as he lollipop continued to melt down, those little chunks of bacon started popping through creating a neat texture.



I took the lollipop and sniffed it…wow…not a scent of maple at all but the light smokiness of bacon!  I’m now tasting the maple and smelling bacon.  It was pretty cool!

When I got down to the stick, the lollipop broke in half and I let it just melt in my mouth like a jolly rancher.  The flavor actually got more intense when it broke…like all the flavor was concentrated at it’s core and spread outward with bacon bits settling on my tongue like little snowflakes (LOL – okay that’s too much, but you get the idea).

All in all, this was pretty enjoyable piece of candy! Yes, it’s a novelty, but it is done very well.  Given my initial reaction, I was really not expecting to like it, but it quickly changed my mind.

I plan on enjoying the rest of my order whenever I get the need for a little sweet fix at work.  I might even try their other flavors…

Das Foods, you gots yourself some well made, all natural, bacontastic suckers.  I shall give you, on my Piggies Eating Bacon scale – 8 Piggies!


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How Many Licks?

So I was bouncin’ through a bunch of  my bacon Google Alerts (look at that fine example of aliteration right there) and came across a link to this post from Gizmodo about the author’s trip to The Candy Expo.

Before I go further with the relevant bacon news, let me just say “Candy Expo” – hells yeah!  I have got to find a way to one day get into that show!  There are certain trade events that I have always wanted to attend (like CES) and some that I have crossed off the list (Toy Fair).  This goes right to the top baby!!  Maybe I can get a press pass next year on behalf of TDB???  Hmmmm.

Anywho – this is what I wanted to draw your attention too…


It’s called “Man Bait” and it is a BACON FLAVORED LOLLIPOP!!!KA-POW!

From the maker’s website:

Bacon lovers unite-finally, you can have your dessert that also contains your favorite food group- Bacon!.  This maple and bacon lolli that’s a fiercely delicious combination of real smoky bacon bits and delicious maple syrup giving all at once savory and sweet sensation.

Note: Our lollipops are made with no corn syrup and delicious natural fruit, herb and spice extracts.

Ingredients: sugar, rice syrup, bacon bits, salt, natural smoke flavor, natural bacon flavor, natural maple flavor

And here’s the review from the Gizmodo story:

As gross as it sounds, a lollipop filled with real chunks of bacon, it was the single greatest thing I tasted at the show. Just enough bacon mixes with just enough maple to create a salty/sweet treat that lasted about 20x longer than any strip of bacon you’ve ever consumed.

It doesn’t sound gross at all.  It sounds YUMMY!

I’ve ordered a few pops today and I’ll let you know what they are like when I get them.  Maybe if a few of you are good little boys and girls, I’ll even share ;-)

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