Bacon Love Friday: Bacon News Roundup

It’s been a crazy week in the world of bacon. Sometimes, things just hum along with a few interesting bits of bacon trivia popping up into the Republic of Bacon radar but nothing too serious. There will be a fancy new bacon burger at a local restaurant and perhaps some stylish new bacon socks to […]

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon-Stuffed

Some of the most delicious and most popular recipes we have ever featured on the Republic of Bacon have been those that feature foods wrapped in bacon. It is no small wonder that bacon-wrapped recipes tend to garner so much attention: they are also some of the tastiest creations out there. Wrapping food in bacon […]

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon on the Grill

Spring has come very early to a lot of North America, and if you are anything like me you are absolutely loving it. If global warming means that I get to relax on a patio with a beer in March, then I am hard pressed to complain. The unseasonable warmth has gotten a lot of […]

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Bacon Love Friday: My Bacon Anniversary

Every now and again, I think it’s important to put the “love” back into Bacon Love Fridays. While these posts are ostensibly to celebrate our affection for all things bacon, sometimes it’s also important to give a nod to the romantic love in our lives too. It just so happens that my second anniversary is […]

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon Roasts

I have an inner housewife. As much as the vast majority of my personality could belong to a 12-year-old boy who loves video games and sleeping in, a good chunk of my mind seems to occupied by a middle-aged woman from the old country. This part of me loves to get up early on the […]

Bacon Love Friday: Bacon Shortage!

This week, bacon lovers around the world were shocked by one of the most frightening pieces of bacon news to hit the airwaves in a long, long time: we are approaching a global crisis, and international bacon shortage that will affect people the world over. It might not be quite the bacon-pocalypse that many have […]

Bacon Love Friday: Cooking with Bacon and Booze

While I’m not exactly a gourmet chef, I’m pretty proud of my ordinary culinary creations. I find cooking a very enjoyable activity, probably because I associate it with an even more positive activity soon to come: eating. Being able to make my own bacon dishes definitely makes me a happier person, and means I always […]