Bacon Boutique – Scarf and Gloves

It’s starting to get chilly here in Michigan, time to break out the cold weather gear.

Scarfs and gloves go together like bacon and eggs, so it’s only fitting that the world should now have a bacon & eggs scarf and glove combo!


Practical, stylish and oh so yummy looking! 😉  You even get your choice of three colors

Created by kungfumonkeyrobot. You can get your own set over at Etsy for just $23.85 *!!  That my friends is a steal!

(Scarf and gloves sold separately for $15 / $8.25 respectfully)

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Bacon Boutique – Fou Lard…

What a great looking batch of bacon…

Wait a minute…that’s not delectable smoked pork belly!  That’s a tasty fashion statement…

Seriously, how great looking are these???  It’s digitally printed on 100% silk and we have a Swiss artist by the name of Natalie Luder to thank for it.

So looking for that ONE special bacon gift to get your lady this holiday season? Well here you go, $170 over on her site. Order early as it’s going to have to fly across a big pond…

Thanks to Better Half for sending me the link.

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Bacon Boutique – Bacon Scarf…

As we continue with “catching up” week, this little number comes from FoTDB Courtney (SHOUT OUT):There are a host of bacon scarfs out there (yes, really) but this is a REALLY good one AND it’s not a one off from those crazy crafters over at Etsy, but a mass produced piece of loveliness from the Wireless catalog.

Sadly, it’s sold out right now but keep checking back.  Just $19.95…

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