Those Hands aren’t just Clean, They’re Pork Clean!

Who doesn’t want hands that smell like bacon, am I right?!  Up until now, the only way to get that great smokey pork scent on your mitts was to moisturize with leftover bacon fat.  Well my friends I have got some great news for you!

Yup it’s PorkKleen, your very own hand swineitizer. NEW from ThinkGeek (seriously, I have got to get a job there!):

PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer will give your hands the distinct odeur of crisp, delicious bacon.

And as an added bonus, PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer actually sanitizes your hands, killing the germs you’ll acquire when you shake the hands of all of those new friends you’ve just made.

Looking for a stocking stuffer?  A bottle is yours for just $3.99.

It’s cold and flu season kids, think about it…

via ThinkGeek

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Boy makes fun of sister for selling “smelly girly” candles.  Boy gets idea to make dude smelling candles.  Boy starts company called Man Cans featuring scents like leather baseball mitt, sawdust, New York pizza and…wait for it…BACON!

Now yes there have been bacon candles out there for awhile now, but principle alone dictates you go and buy one from him!

Not sold yet, well check out one of his first promotional videos…

Click here to view the embedded video.

Now you’re ready aren’t you?  Then head over to and get your home smelling manly today!

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