Bacon Boutique – Dress You Up…

We’ve seen bacon neck wear in the past (here & here), but this particular one has that certain, I don’t know, je ne
sais quoi…

Blue suit, nice crisp white shirt, bacon tie.  That’s a man who means bizness.

via nerdalicious

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These Shoes Were Made for Frying…

Oh Zazzle…is there nothing you won’t print?

This goes right to the “Why didn’t I…” pile.  Ladies, be the envy of all in these sensible yet stylish bacon shoes!


Not only are these shoes with bacon printed on them, but you can also customize the finish elements in a wide array of colors.

Sadly, these are only available in women’s sizes…what’s up Zazzle, no love for the dudes?

Via Zazzle and Geekologie

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Bacon Boutique – Bacon Scarf…

As we continue with “catching up” week, this little number comes from FoTDB Courtney (SHOUT OUT):There are a host of bacon scarfs out there (yes, really) but this is a REALLY good one AND it’s not a one off from those crazy crafters over at Etsy, but a mass produced piece of loveliness from the Wireless catalog.

Sadly, it’s sold out right now but keep checking back.  Just $19.95…

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Bacon Boutique – Elemental Bacon…

Along the same lines as this shirt comes this nice looking tee from the folks at Tanga

You better act quick, this could sell out at any time especially since it’s 1) cool and B) just $7.99 (not including S&H).  Want it?  CLICK HERE.

Thanks to FoTDB Seth (SHOUT OUT!) who bought this to my attention this morning and to his friend Amy (SHOUT OUT) for telling him to go and buy it!

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Bacon Boutique – Shirt.Woot Today!

It’s called “Death Served Til Noon” and I just bought one.

You should buy one too.  That way when I see you on the street I will know you are of the “Brotherhood (and/or Sisterhood) of Bacon”

It’s over at Shirt.Woot for today only at the fantastic price of $10.00 w/ FREE standard shipping.

Make it so!

Thanks FoTDB Stuart (SHOUT OUT!) for the heads up!!

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