Bacon Thing of The Day: Darth Bacon

“May The Grease Be With You”

Darth Bacon (aka The Dark Lord of Bacon) is the creation of artist Dan Goodsell. You can own his crispy and imposing image on a T-Shirt for just $20 by visiting the Mr Toast Online Store at This Link.

Thanks to Al Stone For The Tip!

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He’s got the perfect name for the job: Brig. Gen. Bacon to be judge for this year’s Salvation Army

Donald Bacon, former commander of the 55th Wing at Offutt Air Force Base, will be a civilian come November. After two years at the Pentagon, he has?…

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Between comfort and culinary flash, Carson Kitchen hits the sweet spot

Exhibit A is the bacon jam ($12), a formidable mix of smoky pork and smothered onions and peppers with a sweet kick, served with grilled baguette.

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Say Hello to Our Little Friend

Truffle_American0063_0054_Pair_pThere are 3 flavors that make up our culinary pyramid: Bacon, Sriracha and Truffles.

Truffles? No, not chocolate. The fungus. If you haven't had truffles before, trust us – they're unreal delicious. Much like bacon, they can be used on almost anything. Much unlike bacon, they are not made of pigs – but pigs often have a big role in finding them. They use their acute senses of smell to help truffle “hunters” dig them up from the roots of trees in certain regions in Italy, France and even the US with just the right soil conditions.

Our newest product – Black Truffle Crisps – may just be the best thing we've ever made. They're available in Western Canada Costcos for a limited time and at They're great with cheese, cured meats/salumi, as a gourmet snack, or as a side to your favorite soups and salads. Buon appetito! 

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Art..

you just know it when you see it!

Have a great weekend!

via Ali Spagnola

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Bacon Wrap Your Father’s Day Gifts In 2014

We’ve all heard of bacon-wrapped shrimp, but what about bacon wrapped gifts? As a part of Craftsman’s initiative to remake Father’s Day in 2014 and give dad what he really wants this year, the brand will be offering limited-edition bacon gift wrapping from May 31 through Father’s Day.

If you want to send along your shipping address, we’ll send you a Craftsman Cap Wrench Bottle Opener so you can test drive the bacon wrapping paper before sending a gift to dear old dad.

Feel free to reach out and I can provide an image of what the wrapping paper looks like. Other bacon buffs can get their gifts wrapped online at for only $5 – the same price as the current gift wrap, only way cooler (some size restrictions will apply).

Nick Eickemeyer

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