Peanut butter. Bacon. Burger??

My plans for Saturday already include a trip to Shake Shack to try the custard of the day: Pancakes & Bacon. I am all for bacon is desserts—bacon in anything really. Bacon is great on burgers. Bacon is great with peanut butter. But what to make of this very limited Shack offer (available this Saturday at the UWS location only): a peanut butter bacon burger? Could be interesting. Imagine beef satay sprinkled with bacon… that sounds tasty! But for some reason I just can’t see that combination being super awesome in a burger. And since I won’t be trekking all the way uptown, I guess I’ll never know.

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

This video was titled “Sign of the Apocalypse”.  I call it a sign of deliciousness…

Click here to view the embedded video.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Better with Bacon – Bacon Bit Burgers

Look at that picture…makes a mouth water.  Bacon bits inside the beef patty with smoked guoda and steakhouse onion!! The thing of it is, this recipe was cooked up by the miniture devil, Rachel Ray.  Now I don’t like Rachel, I find her quite annoying and her voice just grates on me…but I’ll give her this, it does sound delicious and simple – my two favorite things.

I came across this recipe at Eat My Charlotte.  Click thru to get the whole scoop!

Happy eating!

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Better with Bacon – Big Fat Bacon Sliders…

Burgers with bacon, on the surface nothing that is that new or exciting in culinary terms…

I felt exactly the same way until I ran across this recipe for Big Fat Bacon Sliders from The Pioneer Woman.  Her photographic step-by-step directions are just awesome.  It’s all about technique kids and some of the things she does make so much sense that you end up smacking your head saying, “that’s EXACTLY how it should be done”.

So HUZZAH to The Pioneer Woman!  I’ll keep poppin’ in if you keep making yummy things with bacon ;-)

photo via The Pioneer Woman

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Bacon Pic of the Day – OMG!!!

This is a stuffed bacon cheeseburger.  This photo alone does not begin to convey it’s mouth-watering awesomeness…so I invite you to click and see the complete “album”.

You may need a dribble cloth…

via 9GAG

ED NOTE: I know I said I’d have something special for you today, but I need some more time to get that post together, so tomorrow…

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Not for the Squimish…My New Favorite Blog…

This is why you’re fat

I had two friends, Stacy and Rob (SHOUT OUT!) both at different times send me links to this wonderful, disgusting, site.

It features recipes that are in NO WAY good for you and in some cases just the image starts to make your stomach growl and not necessary in a good way.  The whole site is like a high-speed wreck on the freeway…you just can’t look away, you want to, but can’t.

So what’s the bacon connection?  Well, just about every recipe!  A few of my favorites…


Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks


The Double Bacon Burger Fatty Melt  


Chicken Fried Bacon (w/ Gravy)


and finally Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with Layer of Mac & Cheese

Check out the site and see if you don’t just keep hitting NEXT to see what other concoctions have been developed!

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The Bacon Burger…

No, seriously…this is a burger made of ground BACON!

And you guys think that I am bacon crazy (you know who you are).  I can honestly say I never thought about this!

This is courtesy of “Geek Dad” over at  Click on over to read his entire post about this coronary creation and watch video evidence of it’s consumption.  BTW, bookmark it while you are at it…it’s a good read (Matt Blum is the contributor on this story and is on a bacon quest, neigh a Great Bacon Odyssey of his own.).

The big questions is why did I not see this until today?? This was posted a week ago! I am slacking and for that my bacon lovin’ friends, I am sorry!  It’s time to step it up!

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