Wakey, Wakey…

who wants bakey?

This is a oldie but a goody but as this blog is new and the 10′s of my readers may have never seen this..I give you the Bacon Alarm Clock aka “Wake n’ Bacon


It’s your standard, everyday digital alarm clock THAT MAKES BACON!!

Frozen bacon goes in the night before and begins to cook 10 minutes before your alarm goes off. So the gentle aroma of bacon helps great your day.  When the alarm does go off, just reach over and pull out the tray to reveal a tasty strip or two. Is there a better way to start a morning? (yes, there are some, but this is a family blog…so removing all of those…this is the best way to wake up!).

[via Dvice]

Originally posted 2009-03-04 07:16:14.

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