Baconize Your Car

For many of us, our cars become a second home. If you have to commute to work every day, you might end up spending more time in your car that you’d like. While driving from place to place can be stressful in traffic, that time can also be soothing. The summer I had a job […]

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Get Your Bacon Java at Seattle’s Best…

Last week, a lovely woman from Iowa by the name of Eileen Gannon won a contest sponsored by Seattle’s Best Coffee with a drink she named “How to Win a Guy in One Sip”.  For her efforts, she pocketed a cool $10K.  Ka-Pow!

Her submission was a pumpkin pie spiced and bacon flavored cup of awesomeness!  Sounds good, right?  Well, if you have a “participating” Seattle’s Best Coffee near you, you’ll get a change to try it. Can’t wait, you can get her recipe over on Seattle’s Best Coffee’s facespace page (you’ll need to like it, just a heads up).

Well play Eileen, well played!

via NY Daily News

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Bacon Pic of the Day – My Little Bacon Pony…

Some pictures are just stronger than any words could even hope to describe…so, enjoy!

via Obvious Winner

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Flavour Pair: Bacon and Caramelized Onions

Every once in a while I become obsessed with a particular combination of flavours. There was a whole week last year where almost everything I ate contained some combination of peanut butter and banana. More recently, I went on a roasted red pepper and goat cheese kick, finding every possible way to combine these flavours, […]

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The Ultimate Bacon Treats

As you may know, desserts are one of our favourite meals, and they are even better with the addition of bacon. Last year we created a list of the top 25 Bacon Dessert Recipes and this year we decided to follow through and create a list of the top 2012 bacon dessert recipes. This list […]

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Bacon Apps For Your Smart Phone

Remember when cell phones were just phones? I remember having a terrible flip phone for age. That thing may as well have been made of wood. It took me forever to text anything, cycling through combinations of taps to write a single character. I remember being fiercely jealous of my friend’s phone, on whose primitive […]

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Ode to Bacon…

What do you get when you cross one very creative writer and her love of bacon?  You get this!

Ode to Bacon (And How I Love Thee)


Ode to bacon and how I love thee,

For without you and your salty goodness,

Your meaty charms,

I’d be quite hungry.

Oh bacon,

how wonderful you make the world.

You’re the one food that improves everything it touches,

Other than cheese or peanut butter of course.

Just one slice of you,

Or maybe two or three,

And a mediocre sandwich becomes divine,

A dull salad turns tasty.

And luckily for me,

Bacon can be eaten anytime of day,

In anyway, with any dish,

It’s a versatile crunchy meat,

A delicious treat.

I was almost brought to tears…truer words have never been written.

The author? A wondrous young lady by the name of Miranda Koerner (aka the Blond Duck).

This was  just the beginning.  To read the entire piece, please visit her site (while you’re there, keep reading, she’s good).

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