Trends in handmade crafts vol. 2

You might remember my famed Trends in Handmade Crafts Vol. 1. The good news is there is a seemingly never ending supply of trends when it comes to the craft world. Be ready to have your mind blown.


This little cuties are freakin’ everywhere. Like, for real. I made a treasury on Etsy and was overloaded with matryoshka stuff.

Tadpole Creations
Miss Bluebird Creations
Buttons and Badges
A Little Sweetness

Not the kind you make of yourself, but the kind you wear on your face. Geek is chic, just ask Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard.

Merry Blues Art

Mano Celebrates
Cyanide Stitches

Naomi Cayne


Click clack clickity clack clackity click.

The Craft Pantry
Pretty Messes
Nan Lawson

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Bacon Pic of the Day…The Tastiest Part

This is a family show, so I had to “edit” accordingly, but I think you’ll get it just fine…

Like it, own it!  Print of original ink drawing. Print measures approximately 5?7 inches. Printed on archival velvet fine art stock using archival pigment ink.  $10.00 + $2.50 s/h.

via Etsy

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Crafternoon delight

Well, hello there! Sorry for the prolonged absence.
Time to share what I’ve whipped up recently in my Craft Cave. I recently threw another baby shower, this one for my friend, Amy, at our favorite local brunch place Radial Cafe. It’s the same restaurant where Hot Pants threw me a surprise engagement brunch with family and friends from all over the place, so it already carried a lot of really happy memories.
For my first trick, I will you show you how I made pinwheels that actually go around and around. It took some grunting and cussing, but they turned out adorable and are now a bouquet in little Alexander’s room.
Check it:

I used these instructions from Create Studio for these little boogers. I had quite the time finding a grommet tool at Michael’s, mostly because they call it an eyelet tool there. Apparently, eyelets are a girlier version of grommets. I’d also recommend getting a little thicker dowel than I did here because the push pins kept poking through the back of the sticks and making it hard to get the pinwheel to go around and around. The fun things with these are that you can either use decorative craft paper or just plain card stock that you draw on yourself.

For the centerpieces on the tables, I opted to use the toys I had bought for the mom and dad-to-be instead of wrapping them. Less paper waste, less stuff for them to open and it was rather festive for the occasion. Plus, all the kids who attended the shower had stuff to play with during the boring parts.

I also put together some fun little note cards for folks to fill out with advice for the new parents. I have to put in a plug here for Michael’s rubber stamp section which has some really cute, modern stuff now. This little owl was perfect for the occasion.

I ran out of time to make cupcake decorations, so I turned to the tried and true artists on Etsy to hook me up with some cuteness. A Little Lollipop Tree came through with flying colors. She even had a design that matched the Dwell Studio bedding on the registry. And, yes, the cupcakes were just as fabulously tasty as they appear in this photo.

I also put together a time capsule for guests to fill up with items that represent the year the little guy was born. I turned a simple photo box into the cutest little time capsule ever with Sharpies and Japanese washi tape.

But before you go thinking I just let our guests off the crafty hook, here’s my favorite part of the party. I stole an idea from another baby shower I attended and loaded up a table with blank onesies in a variety of sizes, fabric markers and stencils. Voila! Fun craft time for everyone! I make party guests work for their keep. And the parents-to-be were so thrilled with having a stock of personalized onesies.

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More Protective Bacon Wrapping for all your “i” Products…

Well you had to know this was going to happen.

From the maker of the iPod and iPod shuffle felt bacon protective cases comes…

the iPad Bacon Case.

Seriously, with a photo like that, what more needs to be said?

Go get one over at Etsy.

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Chalkboard Skulls

I never meant to take a three month hiatus from Skulls & Bacon. Not sure what happened other than, well, let’s just say I was hibernating. Spring is a few days away so it’s about time I crawl out of my cave to let the funk of these last few months disappate.

Of course, there was a skull object that has brought me back and made me think, goddamn, I need to post this.

I am in love with these Chalkboard Skulls by iamhome, on Etsy.

Black Skull Chalkboard
Purple Skull Chalkboard
Teal Skull Chalkboard

They come in all different, awesome colors and are handmade, $46.00 each and even come with a piece of chalk.

I promise I’ll be back, I’ve just received some Wild Bill’s Bacon Jerky in the mail and I’m gonna munch on that a bit and be back soon with a review!

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Bacon Boutique – Scarf and Gloves

It’s starting to get chilly here in Michigan, time to break out the cold weather gear.

Scarfs and gloves go together like bacon and eggs, so it’s only fitting that the world should now have a bacon & eggs scarf and glove combo!


Practical, stylish and oh so yummy looking! 😉  You even get your choice of three colors

Created by kungfumonkeyrobot. You can get your own set over at Etsy for just $23.85 *!!  That my friends is a steal!

(Scarf and gloves sold separately for $15 / $8.25 respectfully)

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Won’t you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s is coming, and even if you don’t have someone special in your pants – er, life – then, make Valentine cards for your friends! Despite having Hot Pants in my life, I like making stuff for my friends on National Chocolate Day best because they were my original Valentines before he came along. And if you’d rather make Valentines for folks in need, two years ago Etsy collected handmade cards to send to elderly folks in NYC’s CityMeals-on-Wheels program. Replicate it in your own city!

Last year I took a letterpress class at a local studio and made my cards there, but? here are some ideas for making your own from the comfort of your couch.

Martha has a tutorial on how to make Valentines out of wax paper and crayons. They would work for decor in your home as well as cute little things to mail to folks.

Several crafters are posting ideas for making Valentine cards out of paint chip samples from the hardware store. I absolutely adore this idea.
Here’s one from craftevolution that will get your creative juices flowing (ew).

Or how about this one from fabulous crafter Jodi Kahn of Simply Sublime. (Feautred in Country Living!)

Lastly, I say just break out some construction paper, scissors and markers and go to town or challenge yourself to make a Valentine solely from stuff you have around the house (no cheating!).?

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