Chick-N Bacon Tater Melt Munchie Meal Review


Night owls, rejoice! Jack in the Box’s new Munchie Meal items and Munchie Peel instant-win game were designed with you in mind. The Munchie Meal is only available after 9:00 PM, and includes 2 items with DELICIOUS BACON!

I sampled the Chick-N-Tater Melt Munchie Meal. This includes the new Chick-n-Tater Melt: crispy chicken, hash browns, bacon, Ranch dressing and an ooey gooey three cheese sauce, all on a buttery croissant. At first I was a bit baffled at the concept. Is it a breakfast sandwich? Is it lunch sandwich? Is it both??


I ordered mine with no Ranch, and was surprised at how tasty it was! The cheese sauce really made the sandwich, and the chicken and hash browns were extra crispy. And you can’t really go wrong when bacon and a croissant bun are involved. The Munchie Meal also came with 2 tacos, a soda and “halfise” fries, a 50/50 french fry/curly fry mix. It’s a ton of calories for a tiny price. You know, for people who have really worked up an appetite.

The cutesy box made it a little more apparent who the target market for the “munchies” meal is… “Couch Bingo” lets you play bingo from the comfort of your own sofa, which is apparently where the Munchie Meal is meant to be devoured!

Another bacony M.M option is the Loaded Nuggets meal. This item includes chicken nuggets covered in cheese sauce and bacon. If only the Hella-peno Burger and the Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger included BACON!!


This is late night food that includes a side of WINNING! With Jack’s #munchiepeel instant win game, Jack in the Box is giving away over $1,000,000 in food and other prizes, with one in four entries being a winner. Peel off the sticker from the iconic purple box to see if you’re an instant winner! Alas, I was not a winner.

For us non-winners, Jack is giving away a second chance to win the ultimate prize at a VIP experience for four in Las Vegas kicking back at the MTV Real World Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Money can’t buy it and only Jack in the Box can provide it.


Available on Jack’s Late Night Menu exclusively from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., you can enjoy your Munchie Meal combo complete with 2 tacos, halfsie fries (half regular, half seasoned curly) and a 20 oz. drink. Click Here to find a location near you!

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Um…Yuck…but Still Kinda Cool…

I have been pretty good lately avoiding the burger chains around work (we have Wendy’s, McDonald’s and BK surrounding my office).  After watching this, looks like I’ll be having a salad for lunch…

Click here to view the embedded video.

I mean really???  REALLY???

Things like this fascinate me.  First, there is just the whole disgusting grease thing.  It is pretty gross.  Second though is the fact that this guys was sitting around (probably drinkin’) and had the idea to not only see how much grease was in the burgers, but then to paint with them, but not just paint but do it on a giant canvas and recreate the “Mona Lisa”. 

Better Half and I have a phrase for when we see something like this (or really bad advertising) and that’s “Fly on the Wall”.  Oh to be a fly on the wall and hear the conversations that went into developing this idea and then taking it to conclusion.  So in future posts, when you see “Fly on the Wall” you’ll know what I mean…

Make it a great day!

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