Bacon is a Dad’s Best Friend

oscar-mayer-bacon-boxOscar Mayer has launched a new “Say It With Bacon” ad campaign targeted at Father’s Day shoppers. The campaign features a YouTube video where a couple goes “bacon shopping” at the “bacon store.” The bacon is displayed in jewelry boxes, and bacon is described in terminology similar to that used to describe diamonds (you know, a girl’s best friend).

The message they’re sending is one that Bacon Freak has always known: Bacon is a dad’s best friend. Umm, no duh! There’s really no need to explain how great bacon is—it’s bacon!

Oscar Mayer is building hype by making their “gift sets” limited editions, and they’re selling out on a daily basis. The idea of having a “limited edition” bacon gift that is readily available at any grocery store is kinda crazy. If you’re going to give dad bacon, go all out and give him some high quality, artisan bacon that’s unlike anything he can get at the grocery store. Bacon Freak gift bundles are always in stock and the only thing exclusive about their bacon is that you won’t find bacon this amazing anywhere else. Maybe their bacon should be “limited edition,” but it never will be.

There’s really no comparison. Which one would you rather get?

bacon bundle

lame oscar mayer gift

Unlike Oscar Mayer’s selection, Bacon Freak has dozens of unique, subtle flavors of bacon for the true “bacon connoisseur.” In other words, every dude you know. Whether you prefer nitrite-free bacon, pepper-free bacon, sweet bacon or savory bacon flavors, Bacon Freak has it. And then some. And their gift bundles come in a sturdy, recyclable, awesomely decorated box that you would actually want to use for something else. Bacon Freak puts a lot of thought into their gift bundles and fills ‘em with only quality bacon products that dads will love.

Bacon truly is a dad’s best friend. And Bacon Freak works hard to make sure they stay best friends for life.

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Father’s Day Dishes Made Better with Bacon!

Thinking about the meals you’re cooking for Dad this Father’s Day? You know anything with bacon will please him. Here are some excellent choices all found in our best-selling cookbook Bacon Nation!

Let Dad wake up to the smell of bacon in this easy Huevos Rancheros that poaches the eggs in a luscious bean, bacon and hot sauce mixture. 

Or, treat him to a few mouth watering slices of Candied Bacon. So easy to make in the oven. He’ll love you more for it!

Or, wow him with an Apple Pecan Bacon Coffee Cake with a Butter Rum Glaze. Bacon adds a pleasant saltiness to baked goods and other sweets. 

These are just three out of 125 recipes in Bacon Nation that can make Dad, your hubby or your bf take notice of and love your culinary skills. 

More posts to come throughout the week as we lead up to Father’s Day. If you’d like to send me your own F’s Day recipes, I’d love to post and tweet them out for you. 

Join me tonight, June 3, at 9 EST, on Bacon Today’s All About Bacon Facebook chat. Link to Ask me questions about bacon, send me your favorite pictures and recipes. I’ll pick a winner after the hour-long chat is over to receive a free copy of Bacon Nation. I want to hear from you so let’s chat! 

Take care out there! 

Marie Rama

Let’s Talk Bacon!

I’ll be chatting with friends and bacon lovers alike on June 3rd from 6:00 – 7:00 PM PST, hoping to answer most of your questions about cooking with and shopping for bacon. Join me, share photos of your personal bacon creations, and win fabulous bacon prizes! Stay tuned for more info as the 3rd approaches. Just in time for Father’s Day! Maybe you have a favorite recipe to share or a bacon story to tell. Let’s see if we can get at least 100 people chatting on the internet all at once about one of the world’s most interesting and delicious foods: BACON! 

Dad’s Love Bacon!

At least I know I do…and I know there are a few others out there as well.  Why not consider Archie McPhee when deciding on that Father’s Day gift for your special Dad in your life…

While we’ve featured the Bacon Collection before, it just seems appropriate to share this again (considering I just got my Archie McPhee email today with the subject line “Father’s Day Bacon”).

Twelve different bacony items for under $40?  You can’t be serious?

They are serious, and don’t call them Shirley.

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