“Today was a Good Day”…

Oh my…..


This has to be a joke?

That can’t be real?

How did they….?


And my ten’s of readers thought I was “bacon obsessed”.

In all the year’s of my life, never have I seen anything like this or could ever imagine anything like this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends of The Daily Bacon(FoTDB), I give you…

The Bacon AK-47…aka BA-K-47.

It is a 1:1 scale AK-47 made out of bacon that took a total of eight hours to create.

See more images over at thisisfreakingridiculous.com – they were the creators of this incredible piece of edible bacon “art”.

I have nothing else to say!

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From today’s Detroit Free Press. Have a great morning everyone…


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Bacon, the “Meat of Life”…

It’s been a long week!  I’ve been so busy that I had no chance to read any of my daily nerd blogs unitil this morning.  I’m so glad I took the time to catch up or I would have missed this…

Click this link to see the chart in all 2000px wide meatness.

Notice bacon is element numero uno!  As the chart points out:

Bacon is the “meat of life”.  Without bacon life on earth as we know it would not exist.

No arguements from me.  I mean come on, the blog’s called “The Daily Bacon“, not “The Daily Pigs Feet“.

via Geekologie

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

20 year high school reunion…

All these old friends poppin’ up on the Facebook

Let’s just say I’ve gotten a bit nostalgic lately. 

 Then I come across this over at Topless Robot and well, it made me :-)

Click here to view the embedded video.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Bringin’ Up a Bacon Baby – Monster & Robot…

Flippin’ around On Demand tonight, trying to find a show for Lil’ Baird.  Pop open the Nickelodeon menu and at the bottom I see “Monster & Robot“.  I’ve never heard of this show before, but anything’s better than another helping of Dora, right?

Here was the first scene…

Turns out that Monster and Robot are best friends who hang out at the Makin’ Bacon restaurant and consume vast amounts of our favorite strips of swine.

I’m in.

Head over to Nick.com to check out the videos or find it On Demand.

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Bacon Pic of the Day – Poet and Didn’t Know It!

Happy Anniversary?!?  Birthday?!? Valentine’s Day?!?  Seems to work for all three…

Thanks Deanna (SHOUT OUT!)

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Keep those Cold Drinks Cold…

With yesterday being the “unofficial” start of summer, I found a product to help keep us cool during those long, hot days to come…

Your favorite frosty beverage now wrapped in the insulating embrace of bacon.

$6.49 a pop over at Perpetual Kid (free shipping for orders over $25 – so get yourself a “4-pack”).


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