As friends of TDB you may have come to over these last few years that I have a “thing” for carbonite.  Most specifically, Han Solo in carbonite.

The ONLY thing that I truly covet is a life sized Han Solo in carbonite.

While my dream has still yet to be realized, I have amassed quite a collection of substantially smaller versions, many of which have been highlighted on these electronic pages.

But now I have found quite possibly the SECOND greatest carbonite related product, this thanks to Lucasfilm and Disney World as part of their Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios

Guests at Star Wars Weekends this year will be given the opportunity to step into a “Carbon Freezing Chamber,” located near The American Idol Experience in the theme park, and have their faces 3-D scanned using multiple cameras to create a 8-inch figurine depicting themselves frozen in carbonite. It also comes with a light-up wristband.

What, what, what?!?

First thing I felt? Excitement – This is the coolest thing ever!

Second thing? Regret – Why did we book our Disney vacation when we did?

Third? Bargaining – How could I POSSIBLY get back down to Florida next weekend?

Fourth? Acceptance – I’m never going to have this.


So, to any of you will either live near the happiest place on earth or are planning on already attending the family nerdfest that is Star Wars weekend…don’t be like me and miss out!  Save those pennies (it costs $99.95) and go get yourself frozen!

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Comic Con 2011 – A Review…

Here is the official TDB review of Comic Con 2011

First, Sideshow Collectables had several new product announcements which included this:

And that concludes our review of Comic Con 2011.

Seriously, I do not care about anything else!  All the stuff on my nerd blogs this weekend was just noise when I saw this.  This is my holy grail, my white whale!  Ask Better Half, every year for Christmas I ask for ONE thing, Han Solo in Carbonite.

A company called Illusive Concepts had a Lucasfilm license back in 1996-97 and actually made the first commercially produced replica.  At the time I believe it cost close to $2,000. I was but a young lad then, living with the one who would eventually become Better Half, and in NO way could I shed that much for a prop (Never mind the fact that I probably spend more than that on all the other little things I bought for my collection that year).

Well now things have changed!  You could even say the “circle is now complete.” I’m old and I get paid pretty good.  There was no pricing or any other information made available on the Sideshow site but I’ve got a number in my head (so does Better Half, but I’ll bet that number is less than the one I am thinking).

Stay tuned!


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What’s the BEST Candy Ever???

It’s Ham Solo in CandyBaronite!

It’s a chocolate Han Solo with peanut butter and BACON in the center! This is Awesome wrapped in Awesomemer with Awesomeness!!

Don’t believe me? Look at this…and try not to blow your mind…

What kind of woman 1) makes a mold of Han Solo in Carbonite, 2) makes chocolate bars in said mold and 3) puts bacon in her chocolate bar in said mold of Han Solo and 4) comes up with the name Ham Solo??? 

The bestest kind!

See more over at booturtle.

I’m late in the game featuring this so if you’ve already seen it on the interwebs, sorry for my delay.  Blame it on SNOWGASM (c).

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