Some Bacon Love for your Bottle…

From the maker of the iPod Shuffle Bacon Case and the iPhone Bacon Case comes…


The Bacon Bottle-Sleeve!!!  You say WHY?  I say, WHY NOT!

$35.00 on Etsy.

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The Future of Bacon Ice Cream…

What goes better with yesterday’s cake with bacon flavored frosting than some homemade bacon flavored ice cream of the future?

This AWESOME mom decided to play with molecular gastronomy for Instructable’s Mad Science Fair and created her own version of “Dippin’ Dots“.

Alas no real bacon was used in the recipe, just Torani’s bacon flavored syrup, but still big props to her!

Check out the full recipe and step-by-step photo over at Instructable.

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More Protective Bacon Wrapping for all your “i” Products…

Well you had to know this was going to happen.

From the maker of the iPod and iPod shuffle felt bacon protective cases comes…

the iPad Bacon Case.

Seriously, with a photo like that, what more needs to be said?

Go get one over at Etsy.

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Better with Bacon – Bacon and Gorgonzola Corn Bread Sliders…

Did you know that the “National Cornbread Festival” is this weekend in South Pittsburg, TN?

Me neither…but my life now seems a little bit fuller.

Turns out last year’s winner,  Lori Stephens, is making the media rounds throughout the Tennessee Valley showcasing last year’s WINNING recipe…her Bacon and Gorgonzola Corn Bread Sliders.

Look at that.  That is a blue ribbon cornbread!

Wanna make them yourself?  You can find the recipe over at

Photo via The Tennessean.

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Keep those Cold Drinks Cold…

With yesterday being the “unofficial” start of summer, I found a product to help keep us cool during those long, hot days to come…

Your favorite frosty beverage now wrapped in the insulating embrace of bacon.

$6.49 a pop over at Perpetual Kid (free shipping for orders over $25 – so get yourself a “4-pack”).


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You’ll “Flip” for These…

It’s a Christmas miracle!  No more burning those fingers when flippin’ your bacon thanks to…

The Bacon Tongs!!


Normally this is where I would attempt to write something clever, but instead here is the beginning of the product description as written by the fine folks at ThinkGeek.  They are much more creative than I’m going to be this morning.

Imagine the situation: you’re cooking a meal – let’s say, bacon. Why bacon? Because it’s awesome, of course. Moving on. You reach into your pan to flip the sizzling bits of delicious cured pork, but you can’t seem to get a good grip on those slippery suckers with your tongs. They splat, flinging boiling hot grease all over. First, ow, second, what a mess!

What you lack isn’t culinary skill, it’s fingers made of asbestos!

Read the rest here and while you are there why not pick up this advancement in culinary science for yourself or that bacony loved one.

We here at TDB prefer to just cook our bacon in the stove ;-)

via ThinkGeek

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For Those Who Need More Pork in their Hot Dogs…

FoTDB and former Fathead colleague Brian sent along a link to 4505 Meats last week and this wondrous meat product…

Look kids!!!  Bacon FILLED Hot Dogs!  This ain’t now strip wrapped around the frank, no sir! This is bacon INSIDE THE HOT DOG!!!

Even the pig on the package says he’s down with it and why wouldn’t he be.  It’s a taste treat that can’t be beat.

So pop on over to 4505 Meats and order yourself a package, from 3 to 20 lbs, starting at $21.00.

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