Beer…it’s what’s for Breakfast!

I was catching up on my nerd sites tonight when I came across this…

It may not be pretty now…but in a few weeks it’s going to become a oatmeal, coffee, bacon stout! 

Sean Fallon at Nerd Approved is an avid home brewer with a dream.  That dream, to take three of his favorite things – bacon, coffee and beer – and put them all together in one tasty beverage.

He is chronicalling his brewing experience over the next few weeks over on the site!  TDB wishes you well Sean (and any chance I could get you to send a bottle this way???)

What a week this has been for bacon inginuity.  Colored bacon yesterday, homemade bacon beer today…what glorious idea will come next???

via Nerd Approved

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Those Hands aren’t just Clean, They’re Pork Clean!

Who doesn’t want hands that smell like bacon, am I right?!  Up until now, the only way to get that great smokey pork scent on your mitts was to moisturize with leftover bacon fat.  Well my friends I have got some great news for you!

Yup it’s PorkKleen, your very own hand swineitizer. NEW from ThinkGeek (seriously, I have got to get a job there!):

PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer will give your hands the distinct odeur of crisp, delicious bacon.

And as an added bonus, PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer actually sanitizes your hands, killing the germs you’ll acquire when you shake the hands of all of those new friends you’ve just made.

Looking for a stocking stuffer?  A bottle is yours for just $3.99.

It’s cold and flu season kids, think about it…

via ThinkGeek

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A Little Bit of Soap…

Yesterday, in my post on bacon grease I briefly mentioned bacon soap.

Bacon soap??? REALLY???

Yupper Do! Here is video to prove it.

Should you have pets at home (or for that fact in your neighborhood) or are planning a trip to the zoo anytime soon, this might not be the soap for you…

Here are the step-by-step instructions if you are curious enough to try it!

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

This video was titled “Sign of the Apocalypse”.  I call it a sign of deliciousness…

Click here to view the embedded video.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Wakey, Wakey…

who wants bakey?

This is a oldie but a goody but as this blog is new and the 10′s of my readers may have never seen this..I give you the Bacon Alarm Clock aka “Wake n’ Bacon


It’s your standard, everyday digital alarm clock THAT MAKES BACON!!

Frozen bacon goes in the night before and begins to cook 10 minutes before your alarm goes off. So the gentle aroma of bacon helps great your day.  When the alarm does go off, just reach over and pull out the tray to reveal a tasty strip or two. Is there a better way to start a morning? (yes, there are some, but this is a family blog…so removing all of those…this is the best way to wake up!).

[via Dvice]

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Get a Whiff of BaconAir…

For those of you who have stuck around here for a while, you know of my love / not so much relationship with the folks at JD’s., makers of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, MMMvelopes, and most recently bacon cola with Jones.

One one hand, I truly appreciate their inventiveness.

On the other, none of their products include any bacon (at all) and all their stuff kinda taste like yuck.

Well, they are at it again.  This time with the creation of BaconAir

Their “creation” story is pretty good, here’s an excerpt:

Hungry for bacon but don’t want the calories? Try BaconAir! Competing in a sporting event or spelling bee? Try BaconAir! Vacuuming the house? Try BaconAir! Taking a test? Try BaconAir! Driving a race car or semi-truck? Try BaconAir. If you want to run faster, jump higher, look and feel more attractive or memorize long sequences of numbers – try BaconAir! 

Wanna see the rest? Pop over and read it.  While you are there, if you are so moved, you can get your name on the waiting list.  Retail is $8.99.

via Toronto Life and JD’s

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Bacon Tea?!?

Yes, bacon flavored tea…this one is scaring me a little and I am not one who is easily scared…


So I was this close to picking this up until I read this:

Ingredients: Tea, immitation bacon bits, natural flavors.


First, immitation (sic) bacon bits?  No thank you.

Second, natural flavors? I’m guessing that is only maple essence.  The only natural flavoring from bacon comes from bacon fat and I really don’t think they steeped the leaves in pig grease…

So yeah for the idea, boo for execution.

Not buying this, but feel free if you feel so inclined.  If you do, tell me about it…


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