Bacon Babes: Katy Perry…

From an interview with “Q” magazine:

“For my next album I’d like it to be about meat and I want to be on the cover wearing a bacon bikini. Also I want my records to smell of sausage or pork. CDs are over, but not if they smell original,” Perry joked.

I think she just might be on to something, although we all know the bacon bikini is nothing new.

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend.

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Bacon “Hacks”…

Found this article over on Lifehacker today and while most of the “hacks” were things that have been floatin’ around the interwebs for a while, I did actually learn something from the article:

3. A Strip of Bacon Saves Meatloaf from Sticking to the Pan

Next time you make a meatloaf place a strip of uncooked bacon on the bottom of your pan before adding other meatloaf ingredients. The fat from one slice of bacon creates enough lubricant to prevent sticky or burned meatloaf.

Well there you go!  Now we know and we all know that knowing is half the battle ;-)

Read the rest of the article here…

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Bacon Shortage? What Bacon Shortage?

Some good news from the USDA last week…

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported last week that through the end of October, frozen pork supplies were down 4 percent from the previous month but up 24 percent from last year. Stocks of pork bellies were up 22 percent from last month and up 119 percent from last year.

So this holiday…make mine bacon!

Thanks to CTBites for the bacon pron.

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What Makes a Trend?

A really interesting, albeit short, article in the Wall Street Journal last week about how food trends start. Here’s an excerpt:

Bacon. It’s everywhere. Wendy’s features it in the “Baconator” and Paula Deen crumbles it into quiche. Ditto for those deluxe cupcakes top-heavy with frosting. Is there a bakery or supermarket that doesn’t sell them?

Bacon and cupcakes — like sliders, bubble tea, popsicles, food trucks and chipotle — have caught on from coast to coast.

But how?

How indeed.  Click on through, it’s a good read with a great quote from Ted Allen at the end.

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Get Your Bacon Java at Seattle’s Best…

Last week, a lovely woman from Iowa by the name of Eileen Gannon won a contest sponsored by Seattle’s Best Coffee with a drink she named “How to Win a Guy in One Sip”.  For her efforts, she pocketed a cool $10K.  Ka-Pow!

Her submission was a pumpkin pie spiced and bacon flavored cup of awesomeness!  Sounds good, right?  Well, if you have a “participating” Seattle’s Best Coffee near you, you’ll get a change to try it. Can’t wait, you can get her recipe over on Seattle’s Best Coffee’s facespace page (you’ll need to like it, just a heads up).

Well play Eileen, well played!

via NY Daily News

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NPR – Bacon Gets Its Just Desserts…

I listen to NPR every day, I’m their fan on facebook, yet I completely missed THIS story from last week.  How the heck did that happen??

From Susan Russo, an NPR contributor and food writer in San Diego.  She discusses how bacon has made it’s way on to the dessert table…

Paired sweet and salty flavors is why we love kettle corn, chocolate-covered pretzels and Snickers bars.  From that perspective, chocolate-covered bacon and bacon cupcakes suddenly seem, well, right.

Right indeed!

She also provides four great bacon dessert recipes, the first was actually featured earlier today in our “Better with Bacon” segment (so while I found the dessert on Dying for Chocolate, they actually found it here).

Take a quick read and check out the rest of those recipes.  It may be time for another TEST KITCHEN soon!

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YELP! Chicago..This Week it’s About Bacon!

Jen T. (SHOUT OUT) my TDB “correspondent” in Chicago and all around Hostess-With-The-Mostess just sent me this link to YELP! Chicago where this week the discussion is all about bacon and it’s new role as food superstar in everything we crave, including sweets.

Whether you fry, wrap, stuff, slice, chop or sprinkle it, bacon is indeed heavenly. But no longer is this candy of meats content to merely accompany boring ‘ol eggs on a breakfast plate – bacon has taken on new challenges and is forging unchartered porky frontiers.

So plan on visiting Chi-Town anytime soon, check out the conversation on where to go get your swine on!  Living in Chicago, join the conversation and help point the rest of us to your favorite bacon haunts!

Haven’t heard of Yelp!?  Where you should check it out.  It’s a site all about connecting people to local businesses. And yes there is a Yelp! Detroit…I checked ;-)

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