Bacon Shortage? What Bacon Shortage?

Some good news from the USDA last week…

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported last week that through the end of October, frozen pork supplies were down 4 percent from the previous month but up 24 percent from last year. Stocks of pork bellies were up 22 percent from last month and up 119 percent from last year.

So this holiday…make mine bacon!

Thanks to CTBites for the bacon pron.

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It’s Bacon Grease Week!!

Yes, that’s right…I am declaring this week at TDB World Headquarters “Bacon Grease Week” as we explore just some of the great things those dripping from our favorite meat can be used for!

Like this “gem” from 1942…

Click here to view the embedded video.

So join us the week as we journey into bacon grease!

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Suck On These…

Bacon candies!

What did you think I meant?  REALLY?!? That’s what you thought? Get your mind out of the gutter.

Anywho, the fine folks at Archie McPhee have done it again.  There is nothing they won’t make taste like bacon!

From their site:

These red and white striped hard candies look just like the ones that grandma used to put in her fancy candy dish for the holidays. But, my oh my, would grandma be in for a surprise if she popped one in her mouth!

Oh my indeed.

$5.95 for a tin with about 12 pieces of candy.

via Archie McPhee

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Dr. Bacon – “Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle”…

This one goes out to FoTDB Seth (SHOUT OUT)…

Stephen Lewis for The New York Times; Food Stylist: Brett Kurzweil

He posted this on the Facespace two weeks ago and specifically called me out on it.  It’s a terrific article about the use of food as medicine.  The author, Fred Vogelstein, relates his experience with his epileptic son and how a change to a high fat diet has help reduce his seizures, here’s just a quick excerpt…

Evelyn, Sam’s twin sister Beatrice and I don’t eat this way. But Sam has epilepsy, and the food he eats is controlling most of his seizures (he used to have as many as 130 a day). The diet, which drastically reduces the amount of carbohydrates he takes in, tricks his body into a starvation state in which it burns fat, and not carbs, for fuel. Remarkably, and for reasons that are still unclear, this process — called ketosis — has an antiepileptic effect. He has been eating this way for almost two years.

Read it, it’s truly fascinating…

Photo and article via New York Times.

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I had a long day, so today is a LINK day!

Here’s a bacon cookie recipe from a former Quicken Loans colleague of mine (thanks Chris for the link)

How about a bacon wrapped hot dog this Super Bowl Sunday?

New Domino’s Pizza varieties…includes a new Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza.

How Detroiter’s roll – buying their bacon local. (Thanks Suneil for the link)

Butter pecan ice cream in this bowl would be yummy! (Thanks Matt for the link)

A photographic “Ode to Bacon”. (Thanks Jeff for the link)

and finally…


See you tomorrow.

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Why is My Mouth Watering?

Last week, I showed you a photo and had a few links to the latest bacon recipe that was sweeping the interwebs.

Now, you can witness the building this monument to meat – The Bacon Explosion.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Thanks Suniel (SHOUT  OUT) for the link.

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Better with Bacon – Tuscan Bean Soup with Bacon & Sage

What is that in Prince’s bowl??  Could it be today’s featured recipe? 


Oh Tuscan Bean Soup with Bacon & Sage – I would die 4 U.  

Let’s get to it… 

Tuscan Bean Soup With Bacon & SageIngredients:  

Olive oil for frying
12 sage leaves + 1 tbsp (15 mL) chopped sage
Salt to taste
1 onion, chopped
3 cups (750 mL) chicken stock
Two 19-oz (540-mL) cans cannellini beans
2 tbsp (30 mL) sherry vinegar
1/4 lb (120 g) smoked bacon, cooked, crumbled
Freshly ground pepper to taste


Pour enough oil into medium skillet to generously coat bottom. Heat on medium-high until shimmery. In 2 batches, fry sage leaves until crisp and darkened, about 10 seconds. Drain on paper towels. Sprinkle with salt.
Spoon 2 tbsp (30 mL) oil from skillet into medium pan. (Reserve remaining oil for other uses.) Heat on medium-high. Add onion and cook, stirring, 3 to 5 minutes, until softened but not browned, turning heat to medium if necessary. Add chopped sage and stir 10 seconds. Add stock and beans. Bring to boil, then reduce heat to medium-low and simmer 10 minutes. Stir in vinegar.
In small batches, puree mixture in blender. Add salt and pepper. If necessary, return to pan and reheat on medium.
Divide among 4 serving bowls. Sprinkle bacon bits into each bowl and garnish with sage leaves.

Makes about 6 cups (1.5L).


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