Suck On These…

Bacon candies!

What did you think I meant?  REALLY?!? That’s what you thought? Get your mind out of the gutter.

Anywho, the fine folks at Archie McPhee have done it again.  There is nothing they won’t make taste like bacon!

From their site:

These red and white striped hard candies look just like the ones that grandma used to put in her fancy candy dish for the holidays. But, my oh my, would grandma be in for a surprise if she popped one in her mouth!

Oh my indeed.

$5.95 for a tin with about 12 pieces of candy.

via Archie McPhee

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Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz…Some Bacon for your Water?

Over the last three weeks I have received an abundance of bacon related news.  Thank you to ALL of you for your submissions.

This week and next, I’m lookin’ to catch up by lettin’ the world (or in the case of this blog – my 10′s of readers) share in all this bacon glory fillin’ my mailbox.

First – from our friends at Archie McPhee

Why not pork up your water with these effervescent bacon drink tabs?
When I first saw this a few weeks ago I knew it would be going on the holiday list for Santa but…after my experience with the bacon soda I just don’t know if I can “swallow” this (literally and figuratively).  Novelty be damned.
If you are feelin’ the need, they’re only $3.50 over at While you are there, pick yourself up some giant underwear ;-)

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Bacon Boutique – Custom Bacon Card Holder

TBD’sDisneyland Correspondent”, Laurie (SHOUT OUT) sent the following to me earlier this week…it was like a little scavenger hunt…

go to
click on the drawing of the S.F. golden gate bridge, then
click on “check it out” in red letters, then
click on 11:11, then
click on bacon, cake, money, flowers, then
click on the picture of the raw bacon weave (bottom left corner of pics.)

and walla…


a custom printed card holder. 

These “renegade crafters” also offer two other bacon themed card holders:

The cooked bacon weave…


and the Pork Palace (I’m really partial to this one, it’s a great image)


Each just $9.99!  Available on Amazon.

Love bacon? Want something truly unique? Wanna support independent business? Then pick one up!

Thanks Laurie and nice work 11:11!

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