It’s Bacon Grease Week!!

Yes, that’s right…I am declaring this week at TDB World Headquarters “Bacon Grease Week” as we explore just some of the great things those dripping from our favorite meat can be used for!

Like this “gem” from 1942…

Click here to view the embedded video.

So join us the week as we journey into bacon grease!

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Oh the Horror!!

Last Friday I opened up the fridge and what did I see….horror1


(silent scream)


Yes, that is precooked, ready to eat bacon.  Oh my stars and garters!

Now Better Half meant well.  She was going to make some bacon ranch potato salad (one of my favorites) for our anniversary dinner and 1) didn’t know if we still had bacon and B) knew she didn’t have time to cook up a few slices just to make the salad.  So, she was at the store and thought – why not get this?

While it goes against my bacon lovin’ beliefs, we got the box, can’t take it back, so I best eat it!

Oh boy…

More to come…

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“Today was a Good Day”…

Oh my…..


This has to be a joke?

That can’t be real?

How did they….?


And my ten’s of readers thought I was “bacon obsessed”.

In all the year’s of my life, never have I seen anything like this or could ever imagine anything like this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends of The Daily Bacon(FoTDB), I give you…

The Bacon AK-47…aka BA-K-47.

It is a 1:1 scale AK-47 made out of bacon that took a total of eight hours to create.

See more images over at – they were the creators of this incredible piece of edible bacon “art”.

I have nothing else to say!

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From today’s Detroit Free Press. Have a great morning everyone…


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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

20 year high school reunion…

All these old friends poppin’ up on the Facebook

Let’s just say I’ve gotten a bit nostalgic lately. 

 Then I come across this over at Topless Robot and well, it made me :-)

Click here to view the embedded video.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Dangle your Meat…

Hey ladies…drive the men wild with these…

photo via Cut Out + Keep

photo via Cut Out + Keep

Bacon earrings!

What did you think that headline meant?  You sick children you!

Learn to make your own pair right here…

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What more needs to be said?

Keep being awesome everyone!

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