Makin’ Bacon – Plumrose… this week’s “Makin’ Bacon”, we’re cookin’ up Plumrose Premium Bacon. 

Packaged meat – oh how you deceive…

Walk through a meat department, see this on sale, pick up the package and from this view, that’s not bad lookin’ bacon.  Then you open it…

What a train wreak!!  The strips were sooooooo thin and broke in so many places that it was hard just getting them in the pans.  Sure there looks like a decent amount of meat | fat ratio, but when you can look through a strip, that’s not good.

More after the jump…

Pan #2: upclose look at a jumbled mess o’ bacon.  That’s cutting it really close!

Pan #1 – the larger strips: A significant amount of shrinkage and curling…

Now those don’t look that bad…until…

You get a closer look.  Uneven cooking, thin ends overdone with heavy “meat” area underdone.  I typically get real good, even cooking in the oven.  I am blaming this on the unevenness of the cuts.

The taste was VERY salty and the uneven cooking made some bites really crunchy and some limp and soggy.  Ideally, this may make for some good “wrapping” bacon as it was thin and could probably cook well enough around a steak, chicken, whatever (in fact, in today’s featured recipe, they used Plumrose for just that).  As just plain old strips for breakfast, I was disappointed.

Life’s too short and there are TOO many options to have to put up with bad or mediocre bacon.  Even if on sale, I will not be buying this brand again.  It’s like an interview, you best impress right out of the gate!

Plumrose, sorry, but on my PIGGIES EATING BACON scale, I can only give you 4 1/2 PIGGIES.


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Lazy Post – Baconnaise, A Review…

I’ve checked out today…just loaded with work and headin’ out to try to drown my sorrows…but I still want to post something today…hmmmmmmmmm, what to do?,2557/

Enjoy this from “The AV Club“.  They taste test Baconnaise, it’s bacon flavored mayo, from the makers of Bacon Salt. I will be trying Bacon Salt in the next few weeks, but I will never try this, just can’t get on board.  So, I am cheating today and sending you to their review.

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Chick-N Bacon Tater Melt Munchie Meal Review


Night owls, rejoice! Jack in the Box’s new Munchie Meal items and Munchie Peel instant-win game were designed with you in mind. The Munchie Meal is only available after 9:00 PM, and includes 2 items with DELICIOUS BACON!

I sampled the Chick-N-Tater Melt Munchie Meal. This includes the new Chick-n-Tater Melt: crispy chicken, hash browns, bacon, Ranch dressing and an ooey gooey three cheese sauce, all on a buttery croissant. At first I was a bit baffled at the concept. Is it a breakfast sandwich? Is it lunch sandwich? Is it both??


I ordered mine with no Ranch, and was surprised at how tasty it was! The cheese sauce really made the sandwich, and the chicken and hash browns were extra crispy. And you can’t really go wrong when bacon and a croissant bun are involved. The Munchie Meal also came with 2 tacos, a soda and “halfise” fries, a 50/50 french fry/curly fry mix. It’s a ton of calories for a tiny price. You know, for people who have really worked up an appetite.

The cutesy box made it a little more apparent who the target market for the “munchies” meal is… “Couch Bingo” lets you play bingo from the comfort of your own sofa, which is apparently where the Munchie Meal is meant to be devoured!

Another bacony M.M option is the Loaded Nuggets meal. This item includes chicken nuggets covered in cheese sauce and bacon. If only the Hella-peno Burger and the Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger included BACON!!


This is late night food that includes a side of WINNING! With Jack’s #munchiepeel instant win game, Jack in the Box is giving away over $1,000,000 in food and other prizes, with one in four entries being a winner. Peel off the sticker from the iconic purple box to see if you’re an instant winner! Alas, I was not a winner.

For us non-winners, Jack is giving away a second chance to win the ultimate prize at a VIP experience for four in Las Vegas kicking back at the MTV Real World Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Money can’t buy it and only Jack in the Box can provide it.


Available on Jack’s Late Night Menu exclusively from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., you can enjoy your Munchie Meal combo complete with 2 tacos, halfsie fries (half regular, half seasoned curly) and a 20 oz. drink. Click Here to find a location near you!

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Bacon Puff Cookie Stars: Cookies for Kids Cancer

oxo bacon cookies cutters-9

When OXO offered some kitchen cookie freebies, the literal first thought I had was, “Can I make bacon cookies?” Kids love cookies. It’s perfect logic in a crispy bacon brain. So that, on top of the charity bonus, made it a great big yes to another OXO post. In addition to giving 10 cents from select items sold to the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer cause, OXO is donating $100  for each blog post dedicated to the cause in September. OXO Good Cookies will be donating up to $100,000 to the cause, so we’re hoping to make them shell out in the name of awesome causes everywhere!

oxo bacon cookies cutters-8

oxo bacon cookies cutters-2

Please note, we were not paid for this post, but continue to want to be drunken BFFs with OXO in the same way you do with that nice person who’s always introducing you to new drinks and buying the more than enough rounds of shots. You know that guy in the bar who just wants to be liked, and loves to be nice to everyone. We all know that guy. OXO is just introducing us to new kitchen gadgets and charities. But not shots. Yet?

oxo bacon cookies cutters-1

We got a mess of goodies to try out in the name of Cookies for Kid’s Cancer. The spatula made me feel like a silicone goddess. No really. I’ve never had a fancy spatula before and it was more fun to toss bacon cookies around on it than your typical cookie.

oxo bacon cookies cutters-3

The never lose the 1/8 spoon cause they’re all magically tied together set of measuring cups is handy to the max. The best thing about this is actually that you can use additional support to gently tap and cover the pastry with cinnamon.

oxo bacon cookies cutters-4 oxo bacon cookies cutters-5

The key to these bacon cookies where two things. The stainless steel cookie cutters – and really thick bacon. I mean wide like my butt on Thanksgiving. To make sure your cookies are perfect, you can even measure your bacon to make sure if fits the cookie cutter, but you can also overlap bacon slices in the cutter. Once baked, it’ll all go beautifully together.

I can’t wait to try out the cutters on other non-cookie items. The holidays are going to look adorable guys. (Please note, the hearts were hard to overlap due to shape, but still pretty awesome.)oxo bacon cookies cutters-6

oxo bacon cookies cutters-7

Bacon Puff CookiesBacon Puff Cookies by NoBakeLeniBacon cookies so sweet and easy you can make them drunk. Or with kids. Be a star, with bacon cookie stars!

Prep Time: 154 hours

Yield: 15-20 mini star shaped cookies (more if you cut out plain rectangles)

Ingredients:Two puff pastry sheets (frozen)6-8 thick cut bacon slices (raw)1/8 cup of cinnamon1/2 cup brown sugar1/4 cup white sugar
Preheat oven. Pull puff pastry out of freezer to thaw. (Should be good by the time you’re ready for it.) Mix your cinnamon, sugar and sugar mixtures. (Feel free to make more later is so desired). Place bacon strips on wire rack in a baking sheet. Sprinkle some of your mixture over the bacon. Once oven is ready, bake that bacon. Flip, sprinkle more cinnamon sugar and bake until well done. Remove bacon from oven, and let cool on rack. Sprinkle mixture over one pastry sheet. Layer bacon over sheet and top with second sheet. Using a stainless steel cookie cutter press firmly and completely down. Pull the cookie out, and place on baking pan. Bake until slightly golden. Serve after chilling slightly, or entirely cool.

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OXO BBQ Review #WhatAGrillWants

oxo-tools-bbq-tongs and meat

OXO BBQ Review

Recently we had the pleasure of receiving some slick cooking utensils from OXO at no cost to try out. (disclaimer points: achieved) Coincidentally, it was the week before the Big Damn Cookout, which was BBQ kismet for some fun pics and real good food!

All in all, we  received the Bladed Meat Tenderizer, cute as a button Salad Dressing Shaker, silly Silicone Basting Brush, sexy Corn Stripper and the full reach BBQ Tongs.

What we liked

OXO Meat tenderizer In Action2

The meat tenderizer had the bonus of a Safety Lock, which is immeasurably handy for when you are drunk and tenderizing. It was fun to use as well, and the ribs, seasoned in Whiskey Beard’s secret sweet and savory rub were delicious.

Then came the Corn Stripper.


Sexy name.
Really fast.
Cuts down on the stringyness.
Perfect for measuring out cups of corn for your corn and quinoa salad.


Really thought it would strip the husk. (Does this even exist?!)

oxo-tools-bbq-Corn Stripper in actionoxo-tools-bbq-Corn Stripperoxo-tools-bbq-Corn Stripper and corn do their thing


We used the salad dressing shaker to mix up the dressing for the corn and quinoa salad cause, it’s a Big Damn BBQ and there was no real salad on hand. Just hearty potato salad and the super protein packed corn and quinoa.  The hand-sized bottle was precious and air tight. What else could you want from a little shaker.

oxo-tools-bbq-Little Salad Dressing Shaker


Every time we brought them out, it was like Toy Story’s aliens in awe of THE CLAW. OXO had to regretfully inform us that they were sending the longer 16 inch tongs instead of whatever half-life, sad little tongs we were to receive. These tongs were giants. And with their little easy lock they were safe to play with. (Another drunk safety feature.)


The basting brush. We didn’t have a use for. He was a little sad. A little lonely. It’s not the sort that holds liquid, which is a letdown, but once tested later we’ll let you know how it goes.


You might be asking, ‘where’s the bacon?’ Here’s the thing that happens with us and bacon. We go to this deli, Malacari’s and order half-inch sliced bacon. We grill the bacon. We eat the bacon. We then realize, we eat that bacon so fast, we never took a picture. But there’s so little regrets, because our stomachs are filled with grilled bacon. 

Overall, it was a good tool set and we actually almost fought over who got to keep the tongs. Finally, as our totally sober promise to you, scroll down for a tease of one of our upcoming  recipes….

big damn bbq food-4big damn bbq food-2
big damn bbq food-3
………………………….BACON JAM

big damn bbq food-1





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Bernie’s Pizza

Bernie's Pizza-5

Bernie's Pizza-6

Bernie’s is a favorite for some of the Whiskey Bacon crew – but no soo much for the others.

We tested three different pies; the chicken wing, plain cheese and a special spinach, feta, and bacon pie.  The verdict was torn though in the group. Many pizza lovers passionately felt that pies were better down the road, at a few of Dallas’ many other pizza joints, such as Pizza Perfect’s Sicilian. Some say this pizza is one of the best for flavor and topping combination with an unbeatable price.

You can find out more about Bernie’s on Facebook, where they post delicious pizza’s almost daily. The place itself is easy to miss, down at the end of a strip mall.

661 N. Memorial Hwy, Dallas, Pennsylvania 18612
Older menu

Bernie's Pizza-2

So rather than hear one person’s view,  we’re breaking down the pro’s and con’s of this Dallas pie maker in a totally non verbatim discussion. Because you don’t love pizza unless you’re willing to argue over it.

Leni and the Lovers:  It’s all about flavor, I enjoyed the fact that the pizza had taste to it. So many in this area don’t taste like much more than cheese and grease.

Gus: Bernie’s pizza’s crust is extremely thin. Definitely not pizza for the thick at heart like me.

Leni:  But the thinness also made it easy to make into a pizza sandwich – like a super pizza with crispy edges.

Gus: To be fair, I liked the cheese pizza, but I’m just not a fan of chicken wing.

Leni: Well that explains that, how about the feta, spinach and bacon?

Gus:  It had too much on it. Too much stuff.

Leni: Why don’t you get stuffed. I kid. Alright, how about the price? A lot of people are upset that the price of the pizzas at Bernie’s have gone up since they were college students.

Gus: I thought it was very well priced.

Leni: Oh well, at least we can agree on one thing, right?

Gus: Beer?

Leni: Yes, beer. Let’s go get some.

(Side note – they sell Root Beer at Bernie’s so you can totally eat in with a pie and root beer’s if that your style, or pop over to one of the 6 local bars for an after pizza party.)

Bernie's Pizza-1-2 Bernie's Pizza-3-2Bernie's Pizza-1Bernie's Pizza-4

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Bacon LIVE Hangout 005 : Cheesy Bacon Bombs Explained

This show was recorded on Jul 17, 2013. We talked about, beer-battered bacon, a bacon wrapped smoked turkey leg, a “Porkabello” kebab made with gouda stuffed mushrooms wrapped in bacon, “cheesy bacon bombs” made with pepper-jack cheese stuffed crescent rolls that are wrapped in bacon, deep fried then covered in garlic butter. We also covered a bacon loving hotel guest, Bacon Weave Quesadilla, and how Super Man saved bacon. We talk about a lot of other great things but you will just have to watch or listen yourself to find those gems.

Download: Hangout 005
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Mr. Baconpants’ Bacon LIVE

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