Brown Barn Cafe: Good Local Food


Homemade lemonade, chocolate pudding, and jarlsberg grilled cheeses, are just some of our favorites of this literally overpassed restaurant. When you walk into the barny exterior, you’ll first enter a foyer, then the adjacent chocolate shop (also highly recommended) to finally find the bright red walls of Brown Barn Cafe.

Home to a weekly changing lunch menu, an easy favorite is the half sandwich, half soup or salad combo.  We suggest a salad and BLT or grilled cheese. (In case you were asking.) The BLT’s at Brown Barn Cafe are a favorite of Guss the Lush, with seedless cucumbers in rosemary. Just the right balance of bacon, lettuce and tomato. Toasted just right, all of the bread options are delicious, though wheat is the favorite of Guss the Lush. They also have a rocking way of making everything taste better. Even the salads. This one Whiskey Baconer is a self proclaimed salad hater. There’s something about paying for a pile of lettuce that makes you want to have a realllllyyyy good one when you’re out, and Brown Barn never disappoints with the lunch menu.


The chefs and staff at Brown Barn Cafe really make the visit even better, and we’re not just saying that because we know them. We know them because of how great they treated everyone at the table and how fun it always is to go for lunch.

Pros: An ever changing menu, you know you’ll always get great tasting, fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is open, friendly and has the comfort of a friend’s home, with an open kitchen where you can see the food being prepared. Service is great,  friendly and cool. Lunch is a great price. Desserts are also homemade by the talented Ah!SomeChocolates staff.

Cons: Limited parking means you’ll have to park across the street during busy hours. Service then slows a bit understandably. Dinner is definitely more on the pricier side, but a different experience entirely.

Brown Barn Cafe

100 E. Overbrook Rd., Shavertown, PA
Brown Barn Cafe Website – Check for weekly lunch and dinner options!
Brown Barn Cafe – Facebook


Stuffed apricots – cream cheese, cashews and fresh mint.


It’s really hard to turn down steak. Even more so when it’s a NY strip steak with red onion marmalade. While the steak was a little fattier than preferred  it was still cooked to perfection and the marmalade was amazing. It’s rare that a steak should ever have anything on it, but in this instance, it was more than acceptable!



One of the great things about the return of summer is fresh strawberries and rhubarb. This strawberry and rhubarb crumble did not disappoint. The fruit was mixed just right and played well off each other. It didn’t have an overpowering added sweetness, it all came from the fruit itself. The crumble was done well, but the show stopper was the homemade whipped cream. None of us are big fans of whipped cream – but we would have taken a tub of this to go! If you stop in and see this on the menu, don’t think, just order.brown barn cafe lunch mash up

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Makin’ Bacon – Plumrose… this week’s “Makin’ Bacon”, we’re cookin’ up Plumrose Premium Bacon. 

Packaged meat – oh how you deceive…

Walk through a meat department, see this on sale, pick up the package and from this view, that’s not bad lookin’ bacon.  Then you open it…

What a train wreak!!  The strips were sooooooo thin and broke in so many places that it was hard just getting them in the pans.  Sure there looks like a decent amount of meat | fat ratio, but when you can look through a strip, that’s not good.

More after the jump…

Pan #2: upclose look at a jumbled mess o’ bacon.  That’s cutting it really close!

Pan #1 – the larger strips: A significant amount of shrinkage and curling…

Now those don’t look that bad…until…

You get a closer look.  Uneven cooking, thin ends overdone with heavy “meat” area underdone.  I typically get real good, even cooking in the oven.  I am blaming this on the unevenness of the cuts.

The taste was VERY salty and the uneven cooking made some bites really crunchy and some limp and soggy.  Ideally, this may make for some good “wrapping” bacon as it was thin and could probably cook well enough around a steak, chicken, whatever (in fact, in today’s featured recipe, they used Plumrose for just that).  As just plain old strips for breakfast, I was disappointed.

Life’s too short and there are TOO many options to have to put up with bad or mediocre bacon.  Even if on sale, I will not be buying this brand again.  It’s like an interview, you best impress right out of the gate!

Plumrose, sorry, but on my PIGGIES EATING BACON scale, I can only give you 4 1/2 PIGGIES.


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YELP! Chicago..This Week it’s About Bacon!

Jen T. (SHOUT OUT) my TDB “correspondent” in Chicago and all around Hostess-With-The-Mostess just sent me this link to YELP! Chicago where this week the discussion is all about bacon and it’s new role as food superstar in everything we crave, including sweets.

Whether you fry, wrap, stuff, slice, chop or sprinkle it, bacon is indeed heavenly. But no longer is this candy of meats content to merely accompany boring ‘ol eggs on a breakfast plate – bacon has taken on new challenges and is forging unchartered porky frontiers.

So plan on visiting Chi-Town anytime soon, check out the conversation on where to go get your swine on!  Living in Chicago, join the conversation and help point the rest of us to your favorite bacon haunts!

Haven’t heard of Yelp!?  Where you should check it out.  It’s a site all about connecting people to local businesses. And yes there is a Yelp! Detroit…I checked ;-)

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Lazy Post – Baconnaise, A Review…

I’ve checked out today…just loaded with work and headin’ out to try to drown my sorrows…but I still want to post something today…hmmmmmmmmm, what to do?,2557/

Enjoy this from “The AV Club“.  They taste test Baconnaise, it’s bacon flavored mayo, from the makers of Bacon Salt. I will be trying Bacon Salt in the next few weeks, but I will never try this, just can’t get on board.  So, I am cheating today and sending you to their review.

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REVIEW – Bacon Salt…

So finally I tried that little shaker of faux flavor…Bacon Salt.


Bacon Salt was developed by two guys who had a dream to make everything taste like bacon.  From humble beginnings, they have turned their product and company into a million dollar business with multiple flavors of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise and recently Bacon Lip Balm.  It’s a true American entrepreneurial success story and I for one applaud them!

So anywho, back to the review…I figured for this taste test, I just do something basic, so I popped up some corn. 


I figured I would be able to get a good enough idea of it’s taste on something that’s typically flavor neutral.

Next, on with the Bacon Salt


The first thing I noticed was it’s smell.  I got a big whiff of paprika, which was really sweet, and a hint of hickory but nothing that real denoted bacon.

So I grabbed a kernel covered in salt and took it in.  I got salt, paprika, slight hickory but again, nothing that was telling my taste buds this was bacon. 


Not to be detoured, I grabbed a handful and stuffed it in my mouth.  Now I started to pick up some of the smokiness, but it was still not connecting to bacon. 

Better Half even joined in this taste experiment.  She wasn’t getting anything that was like bacon either, but we both agreed that it was a tasty spice.

The closest I got to bacon was the smell of my hands after handfuls of popcorn were consumed.  They really smelled of hickory smoke.  But through consuming the whole bowl and even adding some more salt to some of the remaining kernels, neither of us ever got the sense we were eating bacon.

Here’s the rub, there is no actual bacon in Bacon Salt


I applaud their use of natural ingredients and can even see how this flavor profile is trying to be bacon (the sweet, the salt, the smoke) but there  is a reason bacon taste so good…because it is bacon!

Oh Bacon Salt, I really wanted to like you!!! There are other flavors and other food to try this on – so I will continue to give it the college try (I do have a whole bottle of this stuff) but out of the gate while a nice general spice, if you want bacon taste my advice is to cook up some actual bacon.

We’ll let you know what we find.

PS: A few minutes after we finished eating the popcorn, we both had a real strong aftertaste in our mouths from the salt that neither of us cared for.  It took to bottles of water to get rid of mine.  UGH….

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OXO BBQ Review #WhatAGrillWants

oxo-tools-bbq-tongs and meat

OXO BBQ Review

Recently we had the pleasure of receiving some slick cooking utensils from OXO at no cost to try out. (disclaimer points: achieved) Coincidentally, it was the week before the Big Damn Cookout, which was BBQ kismet for some fun pics and real good food!

All in all, we  received the Bladed Meat Tenderizer, cute as a button Salad Dressing Shaker, silly Silicone Basting Brush, sexy Corn Stripper and the full reach BBQ Tongs.

What we liked

OXO Meat tenderizer In Action2

The meat tenderizer had the bonus of a Safety Lock, which is immeasurably handy for when you are drunk and tenderizing. It was fun to use as well, and the ribs, seasoned in Whiskey Beard’s secret sweet and savory rub were delicious.

Then came the Corn Stripper.


Sexy name.
Really fast.
Cuts down on the stringyness.
Perfect for measuring out cups of corn for your corn and quinoa salad.


Really thought it would strip the husk. (Does this even exist?!)

oxo-tools-bbq-Corn Stripper in actionoxo-tools-bbq-Corn Stripperoxo-tools-bbq-Corn Stripper and corn do their thing


We used the salad dressing shaker to mix up the dressing for the corn and quinoa salad cause, it’s a Big Damn BBQ and there was no real salad on hand. Just hearty potato salad and the super protein packed corn and quinoa.  The hand-sized bottle was precious and air tight. What else could you want from a little shaker.

oxo-tools-bbq-Little Salad Dressing Shaker


Every time we brought them out, it was like Toy Story’s aliens in awe of THE CLAW. OXO had to regretfully inform us that they were sending the longer 16 inch tongs instead of whatever half-life, sad little tongs we were to receive. These tongs were giants. And with their little easy lock they were safe to play with. (Another drunk safety feature.)


The basting brush. We didn’t have a use for. He was a little sad. A little lonely. It’s not the sort that holds liquid, which is a letdown, but once tested later we’ll let you know how it goes.


You might be asking, ‘where’s the bacon?’ Here’s the thing that happens with us and bacon. We go to this deli, Malacari’s and order half-inch sliced bacon. We grill the bacon. We eat the bacon. We then realize, we eat that bacon so fast, we never took a picture. But there’s so little regrets, because our stomachs are filled with grilled bacon. 

Overall, it was a good tool set and we actually almost fought over who got to keep the tongs. Finally, as our totally sober promise to you, scroll down for a tease of one of our upcoming  recipes….

big damn bbq food-4big damn bbq food-2
big damn bbq food-3
………………………….BACON JAM

big damn bbq food-1





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From Russia with Bacon…

My little brother (I call him that because 1) he is my male sibling B) he is literally smaller than me and 3) he is younger than me) is currently finishing a two month stint working in Russia.  He sent me a nice email on Sunday wishing me a Happy Father’s Day AND took the time to file this report for TDB:


Hey Mike! Everything is fine here. I attached some pics of Russian Bacon for your blog. Hopefully you can use them. It’s a traditional bacon, no spices, no smoky flavor, and no maple syrup flavor. Just little meat and a lot of very, very salty fat. It’s still good. The locals like to eat it raw. I can’t watch them when they do that, it just freaks me out. I’ve tried to tell them that they will get butt worms if they eat it raw, but they just dont care…


So there you go.  Streaky bacon in Russia is not smoked, just heavily salt cured with a high fat content and if you are not careful Russian people, it will give you butt worms if you continue to eat your pork raw.

Beware the butt worms…beware!

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