Bacon Babes: Katy Perry…

From an interview with “Q” magazine:

“For my next album I’d like it to be about meat and I want to be on the cover wearing a bacon bikini. Also I want my records to smell of sausage or pork. CDs are over, but not if they smell original,” Perry joked.

I think she just might be on to something, although we all know the bacon bikini is nothing new.

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend.

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Bacon Boutique – BATTLE!

Longtime Brother and FoTDB Charlie (SHOUT OUT) found this in a Younkers in Wisconsin this weekend…

Couple of things here:

1) a bacon t-shirt for kids = SOLID!

b) Scratch and Sniff?! I’m guessing just the sticker as I have no idea how a scented tee would fare after the first wash.  Still, nice “value-add”…

Tres) Why is the bacon battling?  Are they warring against each other? That’d just be a sad, sad waste of fine pork product.  Are they facing off against some other breakfast food?  Oatmeal maybe?  I’m old and confused.

Aside from all that, it’s just fun.

Don’t have a Younkers near you?  Pick one up from their website.  It’s on sale right now for just $9.99.  For boys (or girls, I won’t discriminate) sizes 8-20.

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