Adam from Big Brother 13 in a Skulls & Bacon t-shirt!

So just to follow up, if you haven’t followed Big Brother Season 13 this summer…My friend Adam made it to the final three but Rachel ended up winning. Still, he did really awesome and I think it’s great that he got to live one of his dreams.

The Skulls and Bacon t-shirt that was supposed to be in his gift basket when he won the HOH competion wasn’t included so he didn’t get it until the show was over. However, he was rockin’ the Skulls And Bacon tee at the afterparty in Vegas, baby!

And today I see an article about Adam’s time in the BB House in one of our local papers, here’s the best quote ever:

And what will he miss the most about the Big Brother house?

“The unlimited supply of bacon,” he answered without a moment of hesitation. “Not one week did we ever run out of bacon. Now, when I want bacon, I can’t go to the storage room and just pull out another package. I’m going to have to go to the store and buy it.”

Thanks for keeping me company on TV and the live feeds all summer, Adam! I hope your transition back into the world is filled with bacon and much love.

Now I know there’s only a few hours left in the day, but if you hurry there’s a coupon just for today since it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day – Take 15% Off All Skulls & Bacon T-shirts! Use Code: AAARRRGGGHHH

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Fun Up Your Fridge – Bacon Magnets (and more)…

Believe it or not, I wasn’t looking for bacon things today…I was looking for something fun for Lil’ Baird who will be celebrating birthday number one soon.  The interwebs sort of moved me to and lo and behold…BACON!


Aren’t these great.  Happy plush bacon magnets to greet you each and every morning, noon and night!

But wait…there’s more…

Good and EVIL bacon ornaments!!  Happy holidays to me!!

angelbaconclouds devilbacon

I love these little guys so much, I’d buy a t-shirt…oh wait…


Pop on over to to see all the other great little toys and items, including some mean cookies and monster bats!!  I have a feelin’ a few things on the site will end up in Lil’ Baird’s bedroom.

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BACON SHIRT WOOT 2 – Electric Boogaloo!

SHOUT OUT to Dave who send me the notice this moring.

Hot on the heels of last weeks WOOT OFF at comes this from…Bacon Shirt #2…


This shirt is, dare I say, BRILLIANT!!!!

Just $10 homie and free standard shipping…you know I’m gettin’ mine.  Wanna get one too? Head over to Shirt.Woot NOW!

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LOLShirts has a lot of awesomeness going on right now.

Not only are they giving away a year’s supply of bacon to one lucky winner but ALL of their t-shirts, including the Bacon is Meat Candy shirt, are only $5.99 until Aug 5th!

Enter to win a year’s supply of bacon by signing up for the LOLShirts newsletter. Go sign up, the power of bacon compels you! (Drawing takes place August 31, 2011)

And until August 5th, all t-shirts are only $5.99:
Bacon is Meat Candy shirtBacon is Meat candy t-shirt

LOLShirts has also proposed a new text abbreviation – EB for “Eating Bacon”. I think this is a fabulous idea, we need to make this catch on. Sorry, can’t answer your text right now, EB.

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Bacon Boutique – Lifestyle Choice…

FoTDB* Justin has been on a roll this week.  He’s practically served as my personal bacon news guru through his finds this week!  He gets ALL the credit for this picking this one out…

Available over at Spiffy Studios – $23.00 includes s/h.

(* Friend of “The Daily Bacon“)

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