You’ll “Flip” for These…

It’s a Christmas miracle!  No more burning those fingers when flippin’ your bacon thanks to…

The Bacon Tongs!!


Normally this is where I would attempt to write something clever, but instead here is the beginning of the product description as written by the fine folks at ThinkGeek.  They are much more creative than I’m going to be this morning.

Imagine the situation: you’re cooking a meal – let’s say, bacon. Why bacon? Because it’s awesome, of course. Moving on. You reach into your pan to flip the sizzling bits of delicious cured pork, but you can’t seem to get a good grip on those slippery suckers with your tongs. They splat, flinging boiling hot grease all over. First, ow, second, what a mess!

What you lack isn’t culinary skill, it’s fingers made of asbestos!

Read the rest here and while you are there why not pick up this advancement in culinary science for yourself or that bacony loved one.

We here at TDB prefer to just cook our bacon in the stove ;-)

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Those Hands aren’t just Clean, They’re Pork Clean!

Who doesn’t want hands that smell like bacon, am I right?!  Up until now, the only way to get that great smokey pork scent on your mitts was to moisturize with leftover bacon fat.  Well my friends I have got some great news for you!

Yup it’s PorkKleen, your very own hand swineitizer. NEW from ThinkGeek (seriously, I have got to get a job there!):

PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer will give your hands the distinct odeur of crisp, delicious bacon.

And as an added bonus, PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer actually sanitizes your hands, killing the germs you’ll acquire when you shake the hands of all of those new friends you’ve just made.

Looking for a stocking stuffer?  A bottle is yours for just $3.99.

It’s cold and flu season kids, think about it…

via ThinkGeek

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Bacon Boutique – Periodic Bacon

Graphically, cool shirt.  But kids, don’t go mixing barium, colbalt and nitrogen together while thinking that you are going to get tasty, tasty bacon…cause you won’t.  Trust your Uncle Mike.

Want one?  Get one over at ThinkGeek!

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Bacon Boutique – The Bacon Tea Towel…

I got my weekly ThinkGeek email today and they were featuring some pretty cool new products.  This being a bacon blog, we’ll start with this…

Yeah, that’s a bacon kitchen towel.  Why not? Polyester, machine washable and $17.99. Available now my pork lovin’ friends.

Make it so.

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