Bacon Pic of the Day – Turtle Power…

What more needs to be said?

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Saturday Morning Video Funhouse…

This video was titled “Sign of the Apocalypse”.  I call it a sign of deliciousness…

Click here to view the embedded video.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Even More Choco-Bacon…

The Wisconsin State Fair also getting in on the chocolate covered bacon fair food craze.  Here’s the video to prove it:

TDB’s official list of choco-bacon has included the Florida State Fair, San Diego County Fair and Mississippi Valley Fair (Davenport, IA).  I sure there is more out there, but this is what I have been able to confirm through the interwebs!

I wonder if the Michigan State Fair will join the choco-bacon club??  If so, I actually might have to go this year.

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Mouth Waterin’…

Seriously, I dare you to look at this photo and not find yourself smacking your lips…


Real bacon, homemade potato chips people!!

Not only is this a perfect marriage of flavor but they went ahead and gave them a great name as well –  “Who’s Your Daddy“.  

Who is your daddy indeed! 

Check out their site, read their story…it’s a good one.

You can pick these up through, but you got to buy a package of five (at $5 a pop).

Maybe I’ll buy a case and give some away here….hmmmmm. (Or you know…maybe these guys could send me some??????)

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A while back those tricksters over at ThinkGeek introduced us to the concept of squeezed bacon.  It ended up being an April Fools joke and got tons of play in the bacon googleverse.

Well it looks like you can enjoy the flavor of bacon in a convenient squeezed form.

You can thank the Norwegians for Ost (aka mjukost). It’s appears to be a squeezable cream cheese paste that seems to come in a strange variety of flavors including our favorite meat – bacon.

The things that bugs me though is that I had NO idea this actually existed.  My bacon observation powers seem to be weakening.  I’m not alone as this was featured in a post on That’s Nerdalicious for the first time yesterday.  But when I dug deeper I found a post dated 2009 on MoerBacon that featured this exact product. Curses!

Oh well – it may have been old news, but it was new news to me and so I am guessing for some of you.  So enjoy and when you make your next trip to Norway, grab yourself a tube.

photo Hazboy via That’s Nerdalicious

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