This recording task is available to US residents who are 8-16 years of age, who have approval from their parents and can receive paypal or other forms of payment, like Amazon gift cards.

The task is to record  audio of about 450 short sentences using a mobile app.  You can install it on any phone or tablet!

This project is open all month, and pays $30 USD.

To get started, just email, and send us the following information:

Parents Name

Parents email

Parents Paypal address or other payment options

Name of Child/Teen who will be reading (if more than one, list each childs name)

Will you be using Android or iOS?

When can the reader start?

Questions, comments, please hit chat on the right!



  • Enter the Task ID and the Starting Group Number I provided into the app, and click Download to start.
  • Click test to start the environment test. Recording must be completed in a relatively quiet environment.
  • Select your task from the list, and click Begin, or Start Recording.
  • Recorder information should be the information of the person reading to the app.
  • Sentences that are rejected will show up in red.  These need to be corrected.  Make sure each word is read carefully to prevent returns.
  • In case of coughing, stuttering, hoarseness, you may need to pause a bit and then hit the “Previous” button to re-record.
  • Hold the phone 6-8 inches away for best quality.  Too close could cause distortion.




  • If you enter your group and task ID, and get an error when trying to download the sentences, please write me ASAP to get that fixed.