Estimated Worker Time: ~75 hours
Work Period: ~30 days
Work for All: ~900 hours at 10 seconds per video average
Rate: $0.03 USD per video clip (2-7 seconds each)

Hourly Estimates:

10 seconds worked (average) per clip:
If a person did 375 clips an hour at $.03 the pay would be 11.25 an hour.  Some are faster, some are slower, so the actual rate depends on your total clips completed per week. If you did more, your rate increases by every second you save.

You can do as many hours as you want until we run out of clips.
A little practice, and you can really kick it up. There will be
many extra hours of work. This is just an estimate at an average
pace of 375 clips per hour.

10 hours ~ 112.5
20 hours ~ 225
40 hours ~ 450
80 hours ~ 900

Videos for All: 300 hours this month
270000 4-second clips
1080000 seconds of video

Logging In and Working:

Login to site with provided email we discussed.

Load work page. (SEE PDF if needed, it shows you the buttons to push,
or just ask the team for help.


1. Listen to Audio
2. Type audio as you hear it.
3. If audio is not words, select INVALID and Submit.
3. If audio is English, repeat until complete.
4. Select OTHER/OTHER for Facial/Heart selections.
(use auto form-filling extension to do this automatically)
5. Submit to continue to next video.

Transcription Guide (Detailed):

1. Choose valid or invalid. If a word is used that you can’t possibly spell, mark invalid.  You should not have more than 5% invalid total clips.
Non-English words would be considered an invalid clip.
Example: “supercalifragglespaniel,” sounds cute, but it’s just not going to be
in any Scrabble dictinary. Just let it go.

2. Capitalize Proper Nouns (Names and Places)
No Arabic numerals (0-9) or standard . and ? punctuation.
Example (spoken): “Today it was 43.4 degrees in Abu Dhabi.”
becomes: “today it was fourty three point four degrees in Abu Dhabi”
NOTE: There is no dash in “fourty-three,” since we are not using punctuation.
Example (spoken): “It’s 18 miles to Graceland from grandma Irene’s house, I think.”
becomes, “it is eighteen miles to Graceland from grandma Irene’s house I think”

3. If you hear the speaker make sounds like “uhm, uh, err”, do not omit them, transcribe them as well as you can. NOTE: Punctuation is not used.
Example: “I umm, can’t remember where I left my wallet and keys.” becomes, “I umm can not remember where I left my wallet and keys”

4. Stuttering should be typed as spoken. Example: “I-I-Ice cream is delicious when it’s warmed to s-s-seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit!” becomes: “i i ice cream is delicious when it is warmed to s s seventy five degrees Fahrenheit”

5. Avoid spelling mistakes. Please be careful. You could be penalized for this. Do your best to make sure every word is correct.
Example (spoken): “Every one in the house was asleep.” Incorrect: “every one in the house was asleep” Correct: “everyone in the house was asleep”

6. Cut-off words should be typed to the closest syllable. If there is not at least a single syllable like, “wha, who, the, sub, din, you, etc.,” the entire clip must be marked invalid. Do not complete words that are not spoken.

Questions: Email